It’s pretty easy to survive a wound created by a handgun.

You’re ignoring a ton of variables. Many handguns use ammunition that is more lethal than some so-called assault rifles. The handgun in my handbag is one of them.

An assault rifle (with or without scare quotes) will make a hole and then shatter anything nearby. You don’t need to be a good shot to kill someone.

Again, you (or Dunham) is ignoring a ton of variables.

do this by increasing the f**k out of taxes at point of sale and allocate the funds to better enforcement of existing laws. This works with tobacco and alcohol, two other major killers.

I believe this tactic has been tried and gone to the Supreme Court (might have been a Fed Court decision, not sure) with the ruling being that you cannot have a “back door” gimmick (like high taxes on ammo or weapons) that restricts a Constitutional right. (You have no constitutional right to tobacco or alcohol, which sort of negates that comparison.)

The ATF by law must use paper and not computers for their records.

If that’s true, that’s kind of silly.

The NRA, who own most Republicans and a lot of Democrats, and who write nearly all gun laws, will kick and scream. Remember, they don’t give a shit about the body count or whose children die.

Well, they/we do, actually. However, we also care about the Constitution.

And this intriguing Politico piece suggests copying the anti-tobacco “Truth” campaign which dramatically reduced teenage smoking rates. What if people actually realized that the presence of a gun in their home makes a member of their family more likely to die, not less?

This is an excellent idea I hadn’t thought of! Yes! a PSA campaign like tobacco!

That’s actually kind of a contestable statistic, but nothing wrong with an ad campaign, of course.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.