No major _religion_ that wants to be taken seriously would admit to teaching that today. That doesn’t mean _people_ didn’t and won’t use their religion to justify their racism.

Your first sentence is a “top-down” thought; your second is a “bottom-up” thought. Just because the twain meet doesn’t mean both are guilty. I’m sure David Duke goes to church somewhere, and if so, his presence does not indict either the denomination, the pastor, or the others in the congregation.

People have been using religion to justify all sorts of bad behavior since primitive times; I don’t expect that that will end anytime soon. However, the religion is only to blame if it taught the person that the bad behavior is acceptable; if the person, after behaving badly, claims that he/she did it because of religion, then the next action is to say “who taught you that?” not “let’s burn the church down.”

Churches, btw, are highly susceptible to this sort of weak reasoning because of their very nature; if they threw every sinful person out on the street, they’d (a) have no congregation, and (b) failing in their primary earthly mission, which is to provide a moral framework of thought that ultimately expunges a-religious and anti-social behaviors.

So, yes, they’ll always be bad actors in churches, using their religion as cover for whatever they eff they want to do. And if the dots can be connected between what they did/thought/said and the religion/pastor/teachings, then yes, let’s indict both of them.

But you cannot connect the dots simply on the word of a maladjusted individual. There’s more legwork to be done there.

It would not take deep research to find writings from Western Christianity’s history of teachings that non-whites are at best inferior humans.

True. But it would also not take deep research to find writings from Western Christianity’s history of teachings that Jesus came for all men equally. The number of books that make up Christianity’s opus is………enormous, and not all thinkers were considered as wise and as authoritarian as others.

There was really no better diagrammatic display of dichotomy than during our own civil war period. Southern evangelical Christian pastors claimed scriptural evidence that black were inferior and thus should be slaves, an institution approved of by the Bible. Northern evangelical Christian pastors believed that slavery as practiced in the Bible and the South were incompatible, and the latter was AGAINST the Bible; they were one of the driving forces behind Lincoln’s election and the Underground Railroad both. Lincoln himself was an evangelical Christian.

As I said……..gotta to do legwork to connect the dots. And sometimes you have to admit you just can’t.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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