Ever price a 3D printer that can only make crap plastic nick-nacks? About $3000.

You think that’s a lot of money? And what happens to electronic technology over time? Today, the average home can afford what was a $100K Xerox copier back in the 80’s.

How much do you think one that can precision make metallic objects let alone a gun that can shoot 40–60 rounds a minute will cost?

Well, let’s do some research:

“Wilson is also pushing ahead with a new project: the Ghost Gunner, a do-it-yourself milling machine that allows anyone to construct an unregistered AR-15 rifle in less than four hours. The machine mills holes in an 80 percent completed metal lower receiver, and then users can attach the other components — easily available for purchase online — using common tools, nuts, and bolts to create a fully functional, unregistered military-grade weapon. The price tag on the Ghost Gunner is $1500, and Wilson says he’s already moved thousands of units.”

Not sure how much you know about the AR-15, but it’s a platform, not a specific firearm. So, if you’re a tech guy, the AR-15 = UNIX, and anyone can manufacture parts for it. Then, there’s a ton of compatible “distros” of the AR-15 platform, which anyone can manufacture to.

In short, the AR-15 is an open specification which there are thousands of manufacturers building parts for. So, if the 3-D printer part doesn’t scare you…..OK……but it, and other innovations like the Ghost Gunner should.

Hope that helps.

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