• You said that China doesn’t cheat. I documented ways that they do. You didn’t refute any of my documentation, just listed examples where the US (ostensibly) cheats as well. Without documentation.
  • Trump wants to flee from it, you accuse. Patently false. The stated objective has consistently been fairer trade, not no trade.

“I am not anti-trade. I am pro-trade. But I am pro-sensible trade, not trade that is detrimental to the American worker and to the domestic manufacturing base,” Ross said in a prepared testimony to the Senate Commerce , Science and Transportation Committee that was seen by Reuters.

  • The article from seekingalpha, had you read the entire thing, says that the US does *not* intervene in this way. If we did, btw, it would be news. FOREX transactions of that size do not go unnoticed.
  • Do you think the mass-lier regime will change that? Understanding that this is your childish way of referring to the President, yes, I believe a more robust mid-tier jobs environment can start to cause organic wage growth, and that it is attainable. Germany, for example, employs 20% of its workers in manufacturing to our 8%, and they share a border with lower-wage nations just as we do.
  • Thats just what they (must) say. There is no proof at all. You should be embarrassed to be so uninformed.

Indeed, only 28% of exchange members in 2014 were in the coveted 18–34 age range, and that percentage stayed level for 2016. It’s below the 40% level many actuaries say is needed to create a more stable rate environment. The insurance industry has a name for that condition, which Obamacare was designed to fight. It’s called adverse selection. And so far, the ACA’s medicine isn’t working.

  • So if this was true, they could just improve Ocare and stabilize it, instead of destroying it together with the weakest. Possibly, but the ACA remains designed around coverage rather than cost control. And without cost control, no health care plan you can envision will succeed in the US. All we’d be doing is re-arranging the deck chairs while the ship is sinking.

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