You haven’t caught on that this is a manufactured hoax?

You obviously don’t know the history of this methodology.

Over the years, many different variations of the Pournelle Chart have appeared; the is just one of the variants.

Don’t like it? Find another one and we’ll use that. The PURPOSE behind the grids, which is to point out that political theory is nuanced and diverse and does not fit neatly onto a univariate axis, is really not controversial.

Suppose I wanted that vertical axis to say “Angelic vs Demonic”. Then I scored Candidate statements using my personal opinions and presented them as “fact”. Would you take it seriously?

No, simply because the use of “Angelic vs Demonic” would indicate that you were unserious.

If you want to make the case that this PARTICULAR chart is not a serious analysis, then make it. But simply disagreeing with the way they have things mapped isn’t a “case”; that’s just one man saying “I disagree.”

Then why in HELL would you fall for any chart with the word “Libertarian” on it?

Why not? Libertarianism is a valid political philosophy with an understood meaning. Think it would have appeared in a student’s doctoral dissertation in polysci if it wasn’t? You may not LIKE libertarianism, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist; it is recognized by scholastics as a valid philosophy of governance.

At last count there are 12 variations of Libertarians.

What political philosophy is that NOT true for? The entire point to having a grid like this is to try and make sense of all the nuances that appear under “liberalism”, “conservativism”, “libertarianism”, etc.

Trying to slot people into narrow little boxes is an exercise for the rubes.

Charts like this are invented to sway the weak minded. They are nothing but opinions, because processing statements for context requires interpretation.

Charts like this aren’t intended to “sway” anyone, and they are obviously subjective. Nobody argued otherwise.

But some opinions are better than others, and the opinion of a person (or group of people) who is/are educated in the philosophies of governance, and who adopt a studious and unbiased approach to political analysis according to a well-established methodology, has merit.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.