It wasn’t religion that helped Lincoln, it was the Declaration of Independence as denoted in the Gettysburg Address.

You might have a read of his second inaugural address. I’m surprised the anti-theists haven’t demanded it be sandblasted off the walls of the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln was every bit the epitome of the conservative evangelical Christian.

Slavery’s existence was justified by the Bible.

Not in the abusive form practiced in the US South. There was never any scriptural basis for that. Yes, there were southern preachers who tried to connect those dots, for but every southern religious leader claiming it was justified, there were two (or more) others in the North explaining how their coreligionists were misguided.

Religious beliefs have no basis in fact or evidence.

Neither does the existence of “love”, but I’m told by various musicians that it makes the world go round. :-)

(And, if my husband were ever to debate with me that there is “no proof that love exists”, he be on the sofa for a few nights.)

But, whether or not they have fact or evidence behind them is neither here nor there. What matters is that people adhere to beliefs, and are guided by them, and will continue to do so, whether you approve of it or not.

The New Testament says nothing about abortion.

True — — but if you’re a logician of any merit, you realize that it is logically fallacious to assume that the lack of evidence is evidence. :-)

As I stated, the preexistence of humanity in the fetus is, at the very least, highly inferred by all the Semitic source documents, such that the pro-life stance considered to be consensus dogma in the orthodox forms of all three major Semitic religions, as well as others — — to the extent that Augustine of Hippo (considered by the largest Christian denomination, the Roman Catholics, to be a Doctor of the Church, and thus his writings almost equivalent to Scripture) did write extensively about the evil of abortion back in the 4th century, IIRC.

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