I really do believe Hillary got a raw deal because she was a woman politician.

You may believe that, but the evidence for that is virtually nonexistent.

Eventually, I’d say: Hold up! Wait a minute! I don’t like Clarence, but you gonna watch how many times you throw that N-word around!

If you’re saying that you start to react when you see evidence of a “derangement syndrome” start up, and instinctively oppose derangement sydromes, then I agree with you. There is thoughtful criticism and then there is “I hate anything and everything that that M-F says or does, even if I used to support it when my guy supports it.” The former is justified, the latter is borderline crazy.

Some of the criticism levied at Clinton is indeed “derangement syndrome”. However, a lot of it, including Caitlin Johnstone’s, in my opinion, is not. There’s a difference.

That is true for huge numbers of Americans- who need, good food to eat, clean air to breath, a health care system that actually HEALS PEOPLE — instead of creating addicts. And we need all of these assh*&#S to get out of the way.

Nobody disagrees with that. Including the people you think are asshats.

The asshats, however, know several things you apparently don’t: that competent governance is a bit more complicated than throwing Other People’s Money around at every problem that you see.

Not one word about Trump’s sheer and utter incompetence, or the narcisisstic, nonpartisan, con job, mindf*ck that he is. Not a word!

I can’t speak for Caitlin Johnstone, but from my perspective, I don’t see him that way at all. I quite agree that he is in the process of being ill-served by the people around him, and that he’s facing a daunting learning curve (which was kind of expected) because of his inexperience with governmental bureacracy. But I;ll also add that he just hit several home runs in his first foreign policy trip, and the last few weeks before that indicates that he’s coming up to speed relatively quickly on the new job.

But, of course, I was not biased by negative preconceptions. I see all the same flaws and risks you do, but on election night, I said “Ok, this guy now gets a clean slate. Let’s see where this goes.” I doubt you did the same.

Cause selfish is good! Letting babies and old people die is good for America!

See above. Good governance is about making a realistic assessment about the money you have and deciding what to spend it on. This will always involve conflicting priorities, resulting in criticism from those who think money grows on trees.

As soon as he took office he co-opted a line from Shakespeare: The first thing we do, is we kill all the blacks!

There is no greater load of rubbish being foisted these days than the accusations of overt racism against this government. Enough said. If you have real proof, bring it. The Senate Democrats tried for three days to bring it against Sessions, and at the end of those three days (I watched every minute) all any reasonable person could say to the Democrats who opposed him was “that’s ALL you got? THAT?”

Where is the outrage? The vitriol? The disgust! The ever-loving foaming at the mouth hate for any of them? It is a reasonable question.

Waiting for some reason to exist, I suppose.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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