T o put it in blunt but unsurprising terms, the world is in shambles right now. Fascism is on the rise again. Hate crimes are up in the U.S. Water crises loom on the horizon. Wealth inequality has never been higher. Climate change and natural disasters abound. Mass shootings galore. Police brutality and racism. A rising threat of nuclear war.

Yes, things aren’t perfect. But at the core of all social problems is economics.

We had a major recession in 2008 which we still have not totally righted the economic ship from, mostly due to policies for the last eight years which produced an anemic recovery. This has had significant impact on the psyche on our youth, we agree; we had a six year span where people graduating from college with advanced degrees put them to use as barristas. This delayed household formation and produced, as far as I can see, a rather pessimistic attitude on the part of those affected.

Economic pessimism can take you in one of two directions. You can analyze the situation around you, become more self-reliant, take your future in your own two hands and adjust your course for your betterment, OR, you can jump off the ship completely and beg someone else to fix it for you. Which is where a desire for authoritarianism in all its evil forms (socialism, fascism, and communism) comes from.

The first alternative is noble and good; the latter is evil and only marginally sane.

And one that’s emerging front and center is our entire economic system.

Got your solution right here:

If we were to actually manage an extended period of 4%-ish growth, suffice to say that everyone would be working so hard and making so much money that all these pessimistic authoritarian ideas like “communism”. will go right out of their heads.

Critics of communism say it goes against human nature

I don’t know if it goes against human nature or not. What I do know is that it requires everyone to trust everyone else.

Let that sink in for a minute, considering where we are today, socially, politically, religiously, etc.

Enough said. The big picture here is that governmental systems aren’t evil in and of themselves; they BECOME evil if they resort to coersive means in order to force participation.

And that is the historical record for socialism and communism on this planet. Capitalism is unique in that it is not threatened by pockets of communism existing within it; nobody is pointing guns at the Amish and telling them to change the way they live; same for Catholic monasteries, convents, and there have been all sorts of communes in the US for decades, hopefully giving people the life they want to lead.

However, the same is not true of socialism and communism. And until the advocates of either can explain how a socialist or a communist form of government is going to co-exist with, say, Exxon, as a private capitalistic business, then it’s really not worth thinking about.

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