But I don’t see them as the real base to pick up. If they can get the message through loud and clear that the average person is being screwed by the corporatist state, this changes the math.

Yep. And it’s not that they’re totally WRONG……(the GOP conflates corporatism and conservativism into one thing, which is not good)…. but in fact the objectives of corporations and that of the citizen are aligned more than they are opposed.

That is a very large segment of the population who identify on one single issue…. “We don’t like getting screwed by big business and their hired lackeys in Washington.”

Yep. Once you buy off on the myth that “Big Business” is a monolithic entity (it’s not) that’s out to screw the little guy (they’re not) you can get the muttering idiots to join your mob.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.