Racists were not going to vote for Hillary anyway

Yea….that’s just not true. They did vote for her. Here’s proof:

I’ll summarize. 538 drew up a number of charts derived from the U of Chicago’s annual social survey. In each case, Republicans scored higher on racist metrics than Democrats did. That is unsuprising, because racists are obviously in favor of slower social change than liberals. So, finding there are more racists among conservatives is like study that shows that people who eat at McDonalds five times a week are heavier than people who don’t.

What’s surprising is how LITTLE members of the two parties differ from one another on racist attitudes. 6% of Democrats said they would not vote for a black man to be president; 7% of GOPers said the same. 13% of Democrats said blacks were less intelligent than whites; 15% of Republicans believed that. 22% of Democrats said they wouldn’t live in a heavily black neighborhood; 27% of Republicans said the same. And FORTY PERCENT of Democrats said that blacks “lack the motivation to lift themselves up from poverty”

Point is this: If no racists voted for Clinton, the election wouldn’t have been as close as it was. I don’t don’t that Trump drew the preponderance of racist votes…….but the racists were substantially represented on the other “side”
as well.

They cringed when their uncle inserted, “Build the wall!” into the pre-Thanksgiving grace but they said nothing. Because white people choose maintaining comfortable relationships with their racist friends and family members over calling out racism pretty much every time.

Well, there is an assumption here that something is a fact that is not in evidence, that being that “Support for Wall” = “Racist”, when in fact there are multiple economics reasons for supporting strong border enforcement.

Accuracy matters; you seem uninterested in it. If you start calling people out for being racist, and they calmly and rationally point out why they are FOR or against something that that reasoning has no racist overtones…..you lose credibility.

But have they been vocal speaking out against the 1000+ hate crimes documented in the past month?

I find this an odd assumption: that if you aren’t publicly vocal about your dislike for racism, you must be a racist. All I can say is that I (being a rather obvious muslim woman) don’t assume that everyone around me is an Islamophobe unless they are actively broadcasting their disapproval of anti-Islamic behavior.


In general, we agree that racism must be actively opposed. But if you prejudge people based on erroneous criteria, you work counter to your own objectives. Plus, simply put, it shows a rather serious lack of character, and you become part of the problem you are trying to solve.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.