I never said that the anthem was partisan, I said that it’s political — meaning it’s a display of nationalism.

Yea. And there are people on the FAR left which are very vocal in their dislike for that nationalism. Those folks have been around…..forever. A guy who worked for us when I was working in Berkeley (yes, THAT Berkeley) back in the late 80’s was pretty vocal about it. (Of course, he also named his first son Nicolai, so that tells you something.)

But there’s a crowd who believes that it should be compulsory, or an objective norm.

More accurate to say that it’s a common courtesy that we see no good reason to violate. Kind of like Joe Wilson tossing out that “You Lie” line at the SOTU. The reaction from the Dems to Joe was pretty much the same as the fan reaction to Kaep.

I was unaware of the Sam Bee and Kieth Olbermann incidents, but that’s because I find both of them nauseating and hyperbolic, so I don’t pay much attention to them, or the Lena Dunham types, in the first place.

Point here is that its double standards, not (alleged) free speech violations that are setting both of us off.

I’m more than happy to call out the bull shit that exists on the left. See, maybe we’re not so different after all.

Fair enough. Pax.

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