Oh good, you are back to arguing that you being a vapid simpleton


First, I did not change the goalposts,

Disproven previously. Words matter. Next?

Nobody is changing the history by removing this statue. It was in no way historical.

It relates a historical figure or event. QED.

Do you believe it’s a coincidence that states that were in the union have more confederate memorials than they do UNION memorials?

Not at all. The people in the South at the time had their own history of the event and obviously remembered it differently. There are scads of books written that discuss this, so there’s no sense in restating high school history.

If you were to say you support a statue of General Lee because you believe minorities should be slaves you will be quickly dismissed as an unrepentant racist. If you disingenuously claim that the war was to preserve state’s rights then you plant a seed of doubt.

Hm. Your first point is quite true. Your second overlooks the fact that that is how the South saw the matter at the time; whether they were being disengenuous or not by claiming that I have no idea.

At any rate, I don’t see how that “plants a seed of doubt” in anything. Methinks you are tilting at windmills.

Second of all, censorship is not an issue with the destruction of the statues. There is no legal right to have a statue in a public park.

Uh…..the local government that maintains the park can put anything or remove anything they wish, federal law being considered.

That’s not censorship any more than if I decided I wanted to remove a bird feeder my son had hung in the tree in my front lawn. I own the land, I get to decide what’s on it.

You’re stating opinion as fact; your statement is too broad for my tastes. Perhaps a decent restatement of the situation is that it is not the role of the government to obstruct the people from historical knowledge.

The paid Russian troll cited several examples.

Are you able to carry on a conversation without personal attacks? Just curious.

None of which met the standard of both being an act of treason and a FAILED act of treason. There is a difference, one apparently which you lack both the intellect and integrity to accept.

Apparently not. :-)

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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