So a political motivated response. Every other country in the world elects the leaders based on popular vote or parlimentary vote (which is correlated to popular vote. Why is it that we can’t make this work in the US?

Wrong question. The real question is “would that be more fair?” Remember that the nations you seem to want to emulate have very long traditions of finding ways to restrict voting to the elites, so the riffraff don’t screw up their elections.

You seem to have decided that a popular vote would be more fair. Defend that thesis please.

Only because you want need to justify and continue the White American Male Privilege are you are so accustom to. The reality is that the constitution was written by a bunch of white male christian aristocratic bigots to serve their needs.

If you and I were two of the Framers, we would have done the exact same thing they did. Why? Because (a) the status quo in the world at the time was not to let women vote, (b) you generally don’t extend the vote to people you’re at war with, and (c ) many of the Framers (perhaps most) DID want to extend those rights to blacks, but they had to make a devil’s choice between having a nation with seven states and one with thirteen. If they had extended those rights, nobody south of Pennsylvania would have come on board.

It is patently foolish to demand that people in the past live up to the standards of today.

I believe you’ll find that constitution won’t support the idea of an “electoral college”.

Well, if it’s popular vote, I believe you’ll find that you’ll lack a majority to get a new document passed.

I’m not hoping from much from you because you’re lost in the MAGA nostalgia and can’t envision that there is any possibility we could create a better constitution than your white male christian “tribe”.

Well, we don’t expect much from you, either. You’re obviously locked into a self-fulfilling ideology, and you’re not able to think outside the box.

And since I’m neither male, christian, nor fully “white”………that sort of blows that puerile “tribe” shibboleth that keeps popping up on the lefty agitprop sites out of the water.

Whether they are from TX, IA, AL, TN, etc they all have opinions on how CA is the problem.

I can tell you that in TX, we don’t think about you at all. Sweet Jesus, you have an inflated opinion of your own importance.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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