“With all due respect this is fairly lazy.”

Well, I have a day job. I can only go on what I am presented. I don’t have time to google a person’s name and read their entire opus. If all you had was Beethoven’s 1st to listen to, you’d conclude that the guy maybe had some promise but likely wasn’t going anywhere.

“And then Trump came and he is the epitome of everything I hate about American capitalism and exceptionalism.”

He’s not pretty in the least. He’s nasty, in fact. But, it’s not unusual for a President from an elitist background to take on the causes of average folk. FDR and Kennedy come to mind. So wealth isn’t a disqualifier that negates the working class issues Trump bases his candidacy on.

In this election, we have two candidates that, more or less (we can argue about the “more” or the “less” until the cows come home, that’s not a winnable debate) are equally reprehensible, and for much the same reasons. Trump gets a pass from a lot of people because, for the first time ever, somebody woke up and noticed that the american working class is getting pulverized by bad trade agreements and immigration. Clinton gets a pass from a lot of people because…well, she’s more polished than Trump, and avoids putting her foot in her mouth. Whatever.

What fries me are double standards. Bill Clinton was an accused rapist, a serial accuser of women, had a kinky sexual affair on top of the eagle in the Oval Office with a subordinate the age of his daughter, and Democrats declared to the world, in so many ways, that “that’s OK.” Trump does the same or perhaps less, and he’s “unsuitable for the presidency.”

Trade agreements, same thing. Democrats hate NAFTA. They moan about how NAFTA will send jobs all over the place. Then Bill Clinton says he wants to sign NAFTA, and it’s the Bestest Idea Ever. So Bill starts signing trade agreements with anyone who breathes, the economy (for the megacorporations) gets great, and everyone is happy; nobody notices what’s going on in the working class heartland, since the corporations are rolling in dough.

Oh, and ……. don’t forget, it’s the only the evil Republicans who support the corporations. Don’t forget that! (Bill Clinton: “Sign here please. You can have US Steel by January.”)

And now Obama wants to take out a Contract On The American Worker called the “TPP”. Hell, why not just hire “Guido Manzoni” or somebody from the New York City Mob to go from town to town in Central Ohio and just off everyone?

Know what the problem is? The country is rotting from the middle outwards. You and I don’t see it. We have four year educations (only 30% of Americans do) and earn in the top 5% of all wage earners. WE don’t know THEM. THEY live in formerly affulent industrial towns in the Rust Belt; WE live on the coasts where WE don’t see THEM. THEY are solid people, mostly moral and churchgoing people, who want to work hard and earn money for their families the way their parents did. Their parents worked at this industrial plant or that industrial plant, earning a middle class wage on 40 hours of work — — THEY cobble together a lower middle class wage by working at Home Depot and then a shift at Burger King or cleaning homes at night, watching their standard of living melt away.

THEY are watching America die, while WE claim that everything is OK, because what we see in our coastal enclaves is indeed “OK”. THEY have one candidate championing their concerns, while the OTHER candidate not only isn’t, but her surrogates are claiming (usually implicitly, but sometimes explicitly) that there is no solution for their plight, but (!!!) they will be glad to tax the rich more so they can get a dole. (How 1990’s of her.)

THEY don’t want a dole. Quality people NEVER want a dole. THEY want to work.

And you trash them and kick them to the curb with “ but you are what you vote for.”?????

Trump is a monster. But he’s a monster who is addressing THE most pertinent problem in America right now, which is Middle Class Rot. Dems soft-soap that by calling it by a more sanitary name “Income Inequality” because then they can blame it all on the rich for being rich while ignoring the actual problem. The “other candidate” will perpetrate Middle Class Rot; her “solution” is more taxes and more welfare. A dole. That’s all. Change nothing.

Screw that. I work for a Top 10 in the world IT company than you do. We IT professionals are egotistical morons who hide behind our educations and our affluence and our relevance (We should all thank God every day that we weren’t born back when killing a bear was more important than writing software) and pretend we know what’s best for the entire country. We don’t. We’re insulated. Shielded. We cower behind our own “wall”, at the same time most of us criticize the idea of building one.

Trump exists because he gives voice to the most important problem facing America right now. He may be a monster, an egotist (well, what politician isn’t === some of them just hide it better than others) and/or a fool. WE (both parties) created him by our neglect of the working class.

Don’t vote for him if you don’t want to. But don’t con yourself and believe he has nothing to say, or once he goes away (if he loses) his voters will. These issues are going to be right back front and center in 2020.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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