And? You think one person at the CIA knows everything? And even if true, how does he define “early”? Does he provide specific dates and times and what he means by they did once he was “noticed”?

Why are you shooting the messenger?

According to every report I have seen by every expert in the field OBL was indeed involved in the fighting,

Well, now you have a reference from an expert that disagrees. OBL was a young guy with big boatloads of cash. He was engaged with the ISI and in their dealings with Hekmatyar, which is how the CIA was flowing their money, never to OBL. (Which was an odd choice, because Hekmatyar was the one warlord who actually wanted to use war to expand fundy Islam, but no point in digressing.)

The contention which is often made here by those wishing to slander US foreign policy in the region is that “The CIA trained OBL”. That’s simply not true.

an American 4 star general could certainly be considered part of our fighting forces but he is not on the front lines doing the actual fighting now is he?

(Watches the goal posts move)

The original point was that OBL was not a major player in the Mujadeen war. The fact that he was not an Afgan should be enough evidence to make that point, owing to how the Afghan warlord structure worked. OBL was an Arab, and therefore not fully trusted, which is why the warlords referred to him as a “tourist” along with the other Arab recruits.

OBL was very much like a general, coordinating supplies, helping to build infrastructure, training troops, recruiting troops, and spreading the money around, that certainly does not sound like a nobody to me.

Indeed? Outside of the “training troops” part (I am not sure how a man in his 20’s who had no military training was training troops) you made him sound like Radar O’Reilly.

But I see yo-u offer links while ignoring mine, I have said there are both kinds of information readily, but you only want to- see those people saying he was a nobody, why?

Right back at you. Steve Coll won the Pulitzer Prize for Ghost Wars, but the minute I brought it up, you started disparaging him.

You have some skin in the game? You a spook?

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