What will be interesting is the following:

Since Obama believed in a top-down, central government solution to everything (very different than Bill Clinton), the GOP could oppose him totally without consequence, because his proposals were (a) contrary to the GOP consensus in 2008–2016, and thus, (b) opposing him was supported by all parts of the GOP coalition. In short, obstructing him paid off at the voting booth, obviously.

However, a substantial proportion of Trump’s agenda (40–60%) are things like (a) infrastructure spending (which Obama wanted to get passed, in some form), (b) corporate tax reform (supported by a substantial number in both parties), © cracking down on China’s trade practices (a priority of Sen. Shumer’s), (d) a hard limitation on politicians becoming lobbyists, (e) a tough renegotiation of trade deals (supported by the unions), (f) establish tariffs if necessary (a desire of more Democrats over the years than I can count, including Sens Warren and Sanders), (g) create incentives for employers to offer child care (a liberal wet dream), (h) rebuild inner city neighborhoods and schools……………so…..

…….a total obstruction of Trump will blow the living bejeezus out of the Democratic coalition, with loyal Dem voters looking at their own party and saying “uh……WTF are you doing? This guy is giving us what we’ve been begging for from you, and you’re opposing him”, and risk (from your standpoint) the creation of a permanent GOP/populist majority. Go through the list above and consider for each “if Trump is successful at this….how many votes will each shift from the Dems to the GOP.”

So, yes, you really need to hope he fails. Because if he succeeds, the Dems will be reduced to a regional party for the foreseeable future. And if the public’s perception is that he WOULD succeed if not for DEM obstruction….good luck with it.

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