When taken in total, the Seattle Minimum Wage Study Team’s reports have proven that the $15 minimum wage is a success.

It is unsurprising when a government analysis of themselves shows their own policies to be successful.

Unfortunately for this glowing “Study Team” report, the more scientific study, by the other University of Washington researchers, AND the National Bureau of Economic Research, did not agree. And was subsequently buried. Even though the City commissioned IT, as well.

(See why people don’t trust big government or politicians? They lie to make themselves look good. Both parties. Liberals and conservatives. Nothing is more important than their PR and next election campaign.)


The larger study, reviewed by the NBER, is here:

To quote from the conclusion:

Our preferred estimates suggest that the Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance caused hours worked by low — skilled workers (i.e., those earning under $19 per hour) to fall by 9.4% during the three quarters when the minimum wage was $13 per hour, resulting in a loss of 3.5 million hours worked per calendar quarter. Alternative estimates show the number of low wage jobs declined by 6.8%, which represents a loss of more than 5,000 jobs. These estimates are robust to cutoffs other than $19.

So, yea, the Seattle $15 minimum wage worked fine — — if you were lucky enough to keep your job.

Hope. That. Helps.

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