“Whatever the margin, “landslide” or not, most Trump voters were persuaded to vote for him despite his lack of qualifications to serve as President.”

Well, we started this based on my quibbling with your characterization of Trump voters views of Hilly’s qualifications, not Trump’s. The data clearly shows that Trump voters didn’t think much of Hilly’s “qualifications”, with 90% of his voters saying she was not qualified.

So, I’ll simply repeat what I said before: You assumed that Trump voters voted against a “supremely qualified woman”, I think was the way you put it. The vast majority of them would disagree with that characterization. The CNN numbers back me up on that assertion.

“And nothing reported in the press over the past week suggests that Trump had a clue about what it takes to lead the country.”

I think the press has pretty well proven for the last year and a half that they are not reliable source for reporting on Trump. Even one of the MSNBC liberals (Mark Halperin) suggested that the New York Times was no more reliable than The Onion on the issue. So, whatever. I’m old enough to remember how the media defended Nixon again and again and again…..until they just couldn’t, anymore. This is not a new problem.

Latest I read he wants his kids to have top-secret security clearance and Rudy Giuliani is likely to become Secretary of State. Add that to the Steve Bannon appointment. That’s not what I call surrounding yourself with the best advisors.

The CBS News report about the top-secret requests has turned out not to be true. (See above comments on the media). As you say, the term “qualified” has a definition, and it’s hard to imagine a view that doesn’t see Rudy as “qualified” for that sort of position. He’s been working internationally on the terrorism issue since he left the Mayor’s office.

We share the concern about Steve Bannon.

So back to my original point: Good luck with that Trump presidency! How’s that working out so far who those of you who bought into all of the anti-Hillary propaganda?

Pretty well. We’re spending a lot of time dispelling those who bought into the anti-Trump propaganda, of course.

But in reality, nothing will matter politically between now and the end of January. I’m sure the leftists are already writing articles what a bigot and nightmarish selection Trump’s pick for the SCOTUS will be. They want to have those ready when the actual selection is announced, so all they have to do is insert the name and send it to the editor. (wink)

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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