The left wants you to believe that this was violence of one side.

Well, they’re wrong. But what is worse is the sophistry involved, that if you point out the violence and the anti-American ideology of Antifa, you must be aligning yourself with white supremacy, or declaring moral equivalence.

Neither white supermacists or Antifa have the best interests of America at heart.

And no, Antifa didn’t just appear with Trump, any more than white supremacy just appeared with Trump. Both groups have been around for a very, very, VERY long time, albeit with different colors and insignia.

The police did not intervene in Charlottesville.

Not to belittle your points, but the most chilling thing about this is the fact that elected politicians ordered the protectors of the people to not protect the people. The police were forced to watch helplessly as brutal felonies were being committed.

I find that ….. disturbing, to say the least.

You hear on the TV the assumption that these protesters protecting the statue were white nationalists, white supremacists or Nazi’s.

I hear your protest about “we don’t know”, but I think we’re on solid ground if we assume that in 2017, the “save history” people have faded away. You’re only going to defend a Confederate symbol if you defend what it stands for.

The “Nazi” accusation is baseless. Nazi’s are racist, but they have an all encompassing governance philosophy as well that has nothing to do with racism. You can be a racist without being a Nazi; in fact, I would expect that most racists are NOT Nazis.

I am sure that most of these people have objectionable views but preserving the statue is not inherently racist or white supremacist.

I don’t agree. That “history” horse has left the barn.

Should we destroy statues we don’t like?

My view on this is that the confederate memorials should be moved to historical parks where their stories can be told in a “never again” context. The problem with public statuary of any sort is that its history removed from context.

How many people are white supremacist, white nationalist, racist, Nazi?

I cited some statistics in another post just yesterday. We can only extrapolate from certain types of polling questions. Neither will answer the “how many Nazi’s” question for the aforementioned reasons.

As I said before, I think we can agree that anyone who answers this question affirmatively is expressing racism. So, 15% of white Americans, roughly, hold racist views. We can speculate on the average age of these individuals are, and it would be logical to assume they’re rather old; meaning that the “young racists” are a much smaller group. But data does not exist, to my knowledge, to make a more concrete assertion.

I have no idea how many supporters Richard Spencer actually has. I have no idea how many others showed up that are in the woodworks.

What we do know is that Spencer has been getting the same 200 misfits at his annual conference for pretty much the last fifteen years. There doesn’t seem to be any indication of recruitment.

Let’s say there are a million white supremacists in the country. If all million are in poverty, live in relative obscurity and on the outskirts of society what threat do they represent?

Well, 15% of whites would be 320,000,000 x .7 x .15 = 33.6M racist people. Of course, only a small fraction of those are likely to support a supremacist ideology. And it’s unlikely their nursing home will let them out to join a protest. :-)

In the past the KKK was composed of the leaders of cities and the prominent people in some cities. Today, it looks like these wackos are unemployed game playing pot smoking nothings who are angry and have no outlet. They don’t run companies. They don’t decide anyone’s job. They are not a threat to black people. They can’t russel up any threat to black people in any way.

This seems to be all true, anecdotally.

If they resort to violence or commit other crimes they should be prosecuted and jailed just as we do to anyone else.

Of course. Speech is speech and violence is violence. The first is protected, the latter is not.

Why do liberals seem to believe everyone is racist, white nationalist, white supremacists, Nazi?

It avoids a rational discussion of issues. If you can demonize your opposition, you justify not interacting with them, obstructing them, and the like.

Over the last 2 years democrats have accused Donald Trump of being a white supremacist as well as numerous of his staff. They’ve accused the Republican Party and all white skinned people essentially of being white privileged and racists.

True. Without any evidence that would stand up to even a cursory glance in a court of law.

They are absolutely convinced that they are morally superior and that Republicans are racists.

I believe that the younger ones do in fact believe this nonsense. The older Dems know better, and there have been comments made by some of them in Congress to the effect that they’re starting to realize how hard it is to put anger back into the bottle after you’ve stoked it. Leftists are now gong after liberals because they lack ideological purity.

In my experience there are as many racists in the Democratic Party as the Republican Party maybe more.

See the above chart. Kind of proves that point.

My $.02

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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