“ Worse than that, a failing state with little hope for the future, unless we socialize.”

Well, then we’re a failing state with little hope for the future. Because it will never happen. Capital would go flying out of the country. There’s a reason why there’s no affluent socialist countries in the world.

“He gets taxed a third of our income , about one or two percent less than a millionaire and he makes about nine times less .. and we get NO benefits — not like in other countries where our tax rate would go up one or two percent except we would be able to afford our lives and not have to worry about the roof over our heads, going broke if someone got sick. Our kids college.”

Let’s be accurate:


You’re in an effective rate niche; I know about it well, because I’m in it too. If you make about a quarter million a year, you pay an effective rate of about 22%, per the chart. If you make 300K, that rises to 25.3%; but that bracket tops out at about 425k — — after that, you jump up to that 33.2% rate. So, you’re not correct that you would only pay 1–2% more if you were a millionaire; it’s more like 11% more.

Plus, see that 13% rate? In Europe, that would jump to about 22–24%. So before you rearchitect our society on the fly, consider the political feasibility of telling people who make 60K a year that you need to increase their taxes by 80% so you can create the perfect social welfare state.

Comparatively , when we look at all of these benefits , why wouldn’t we do it?

Because the “benefits”, as you’ve articulated them, are not as clear-cut as you believe they are (most of these “quality of life” surveys are not scientific; they’re marketing), and where benefits do exist, you are assuming without proof that the cause is redistribution of wealth.

This is a complex economic topic. You’re simplifying it into a few paragraphs. Doesn’t work that way. I’ve spent quality time in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Austria, and Italy over the last decade; not vacation, QUALITY TIME. I have sisters which live in the first two. If you think those nations have create some sort of social nirvana out of heavy taxation and social welfare, then that’s simply not true.

Because some people are resentful at some people getting “free stuff” ? So you would rather watch crime rates continue to rise, poverty rise and homelessness rise. Our economy go downhill and only 1% of us benefit from it..More and more people living lives that are unsatisfying, stressful and depressing?Besides studies show when education is lower cost or free, so many more people go to school.

Not at all. The solution to that isn’t welfare, it’s good paying jobs.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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