Namely, we want the standard of living you had growing up, passed down to you by the Greatest Generation; the one you enjoyed, and took for granted, and ruined by voting for Reagan, Bush, and Clinton…and then Bush again. ‘

Yea, well……that really wasn’t the issue.

Living standards started dropping in 1974, when real average hourly income peaked, which is a constantly annoying fact to the leftists because they find it difficult to blame Reagan for something that happened seven years prior to his inauguration. Although I have seen them try.

So, as you can see, the wage peaked during the big-government high-regulation high-tax 70’s, and continued to fall until Bush I, when it reversed, and has continued to rise at about the same slope since the early 90’s, regardless of the politics of the President.

(Kind of tells you that we have………an economy which the government doesn’t control. Which is as it should be, when you think about it.)

There is one thing that improves living standards; that’s a plethora of good paying jobs. That’s it.

We also want the same things provided to us that our friends across the world have; little or no student loan debt and universal single payer healthcare. It’s not so much to ask for is it?

Well, first, most of your friends around the world in developed countries DON’T have single payer healthcare; most developed nations do not use the single payer model that the American left has some sort of odd sexual fetish with, it seems.

But, more to the point, yea, it is a bit too much to ask. Why? Because the countries that have those things (a) don’t have this bipartisan conviction than we have the responsibility to create an American hegemony worldwide by extending US military power all over the globe, and (b) the middle class in those countries has accepted that their tax rates need to be double or triple of what they are today in order to have them.

(I am looking forward to the day when a candidate actually prices out a free European style college education and universal care plan HONESTLY, and tells the country, all the way down to the lower income group, how much their taxes are going up to have it.)

When you’re raised to believe that the country you live in is fundamentally different than every other country on earth, it’s easy to believe politicians when they feed you lies about what is and isn’t possible to do for our people.

Odd statement, that. The thing that actually DOES make the US fundamentally different from every other country on earth is that we’re a nation of immigrants, which is a fact which the US left must agree with, because they remind us of it whenever the debate on illegal aliens comes up.

We are far wealthier than other countries that have universal healthcare, we’re the wealthiest country on earth, yet somehow it’s completely unrealistic to expect that we can pull it off here.

Hm. Although we agree on this one (our ability to have universal care is highly compromised by the military aid we supply to ….. well, everyone)…..when Mr. Trump suggested during the campaign that we ought to get other nations to pay their way such as the NATO alliance, the left went bonkers.

The truth is, the one and only reason other places have a single payer system and we don’t is because in other countries politicians aren’t being paid off by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. That’s it.

That’s a very common theory on the left, but it’s kind of bonkers, actually. No serious evidence behind it.

It’s called Medicare.

Yep. My mother died of cancer, and to some extent, I blame the fact that Medicare refused to pay for her to see certain high priced experts.

But, let’s not digress. Medicare, firstly, is not a true single payer system. Secondly, it is on a glide path to insolvency. Sometime in the next decade, it will start to pay out more than it takes in, and sometime during the 30’s or 40’s, there will be an automatic cutback in benefits to keep the system stable. Currently, a recipient pays in monthly premiums about a tenth of what they would pay if not for the regulations surrounding the premium adjustments; this differential will do nothing but grow, since the ACA has failed to bend the curve of medical inflation.

The “get off my lawn” crowd also tends to vote for more conservative candidates, which truly boggles the mind since those over 65 are the majority of people reliant upon the very socialist government entitlements conservatives want to get rid of.

Well, first of all, neither SS or Medicare are “socialist” in the least; but let’s not digress. Let me instead explain why we believe in reforming those programs.

Conservatives, as a rule, tend to support programs and policies that strengthen the economics of the nation over the long term; we have children, you see (we have a lot more of them than liberals do, statistically) and we would like them to have a prosperous future. Therefore, we are all good with doing with a little less if that strengthens the two entitlements and insures that they will be around for the long haul.

By my observation, liberals tend to support policies that benefit THEMSELVES in the PRESENT, and not concern themselves with long term economic viability. We generally refer to this as “kicking the can down the road” and we don’t consider it behavior to be applauded.

But tuition costs are going up and up, putting an extreme burden on students and parents to cover them. Unfortunately, the current subsidized student loan model is only aiding colleges and universities in hiking up the prices. For private schools, this may be fine, but why are we paying so much to attend public colleges that already receive taxpayer funding?

Good question. I was on a college trip with my senior just today, saw the hot off the presses tuition calendar for her next year, and it took my breath away.

There are a load of reasons for this that have been cited for rising costs. You’ve hit on how the student loan program enables tuition boosts. Other factors include the fact that we have too MANY institutions of higher learning, so they attract students with fancier and fancier residence halls; government regulations which incent the addition of administrative staff (IIRC, tuition increases for the last 20 years correlate with the growth of administrative staffs, not teaching staffs, so we can blame Big Government for a lot of this)……etc.

The solution, of course is multifaceted. My senior has already knocked off an entire year of undergrad while in high school, so I only have to pay for three years. Community colleges are expanding at rapid rates and holding their prices down, so more and more kids are eschewing the in-residence four-year experience for community college and then finish at the four-year. Some unis are offering internet-only degrees at reduced rates. If those alternatives start to affect the 4-year enrollment significantly, prices will start to drop. But that will be awhile yet, I think, because many of my Boomer compadres still have this nostalgic (and immature, in my view) notion that their kids need this idyllic 4-year in-residence experience.

It’s bonkers, in my view.

Do you think we WANT to live with you?

Of course you do. We do your laundry and cook for you, snookums. :-)

But, big picture? Any kid today who does 4-year in-residence on student loans deserves their financial problems. It’s a new world out there. Instead of being in band and theatre in high school, do your AP and dual credit courses. Get your associates degree first. Stay away from useless degree programs like psych and sociology and anthropology unless your career goal is to get a PhD and teach at a university; get a STEM degree. Or learn to work on diesel engines. If we EVER find a way to do paid-for college in this country, it’s not going to be for useless degrees; if the taxpayer is going to pay, the taxpayer gets to tell you what you’re going to take.

If we feel entitled to a better way of living (and we do, make no mistake), it’s because we are tired of seeing our friends to the North and overseas getting more opportunities, living with less stress, less depression, more time off…happier…healthier.

See above. (BTW, Canada does NOT have free college. Neither does the UK. It’s less common than you think.)

You happen to be born — — for better or for worse — in a country which is, sorry to say it, unique. It is the biggest economic bear on the planet, and because of that, will never have the luxury of being just “one of the guys” like all those other countries you’re talking about. There will always be a substantial military budget which takes the air out of the room when it comes to all these bright, shiny objects other nations have; and there will always be a small government ideal on the right which will demand that middle-class effective tax rates hover around 15%, and there will always be …. well, I suppose it’s an ideal …. on the left that demands that lower class people have a negative tax rate, which no other nation in the world does. (In the US, only the top 55% of wage earners pay income taxes; in Denmark and most other nations, it’s 90%.)

They can’t lie to us anymore unless we want to believe the lie.

You think I’m lying to you? I have sixty distinct stamps in my passport in the last 10 years. I’ve lived in India and Sweden; I have relatives in eight European countries and three Middle Eastern countries and have spent substantial time in all.

Take this to the bank: there’s a positive and a negative to everything. You want universal care and free tuition? YOU are going to pay for it, not just the “boomers” or “the rich”, in smaller houses, shorter vacations closer to home, higher prices at the market, and in a lot of tiny ways that you don’t see. I’ve seen how long it takes my Swedish relatives (who are of modest means, and have to live in an apartment which over there is “middle class”, but here would be “shitty slum”) to scrape together enough money to come over here to visit. Sure, they don’t have to worry about health care and my nephew went to college for free; but what they DO have to worry about is having enough money for even casual luxuries that we take for granted here — because their flipping taxes are so high.

Everything has a price. If you look at Germany (I have relatives there, too) and Sweden and see an idyllic utopia…..well, that means you haven’t looked down deep enough.

These issues are often seen as partisan, but really they aren’t.

Correct. Both parties are run by neocons. That will continue until an alternative party run by somebody other than a crazy person appears on the scene.

Say what you will about my generation, but remember we get to pick your retirement homes.

Actually, you don’t. The % of voters who are 65 and older will continue to rise until the mid 2040’s. The youngest millenials will be sixty.

And we’d be happy to pay higher taxes to make sure it’s covered at no cost to you.

Well, actually, you won’t. Household formation, which was delayed for millenials because of the events of 2008 and subsequent lackluster “recovery”, immediately precedes a right turn in people’s politics.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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