You’re right that most Trump supporters will stay Trump supporters no matter what.

Well, that’s pretty much true of any political supporter of anybody. Nobody wants wants to admit the car they bought and bragged about was a lemon, after all.

The average Trump supporter that I’ve interacted with is proudly stubbornly Trump and refuses to even consider anyone but Trump. Most of them have been unable to articulate why they support Trump and spew a series of slogans and soundbites from their mouths. They don’t care about fact and believe in Trump more like a cult member than a political figure. So yeah you shouldn’t really expect to change any Trump supporters mind when you engage them.

Using Global Search and Replace, you could global out “Trump” for “Cruz”, “Sanders”, “Clinton”, or “Obama”, and the statement is still true. Most “true believers” are really crappy at articulating why they are true believers. The people who really THINK about their vote and who they are going to support? Those are the smart people that you can interact with.

You and I know that HIllary won by 3 million votes but most trump supporters don’t.

Nonsense. The 3M vote shibboleth is all over the media, including right-leaning outlets like Fox. It would be hard to be a consumer of any media at all and not know this. The right-leaning media have liberal guests that cite it, then the right-learning host explains history and why we don’t elect the President that way.

Trump supporters do not want a better America for everyone, they want a better America for themselves, their family and their race.

That’s just silly. Everyone wants a better America for everyone. Not everybody agrees on how to achieve that. That statement shows contempt for half of America, and if you have contempt for Americans, you are not qualified to govern them.

There are a million theories about why Trump won in 2016.

In an election as close as 2016, every one of those theories is correct. You simply didn’t need to shift that many votes for flip the four key states we keep discussing.

Trump’s political tactic is to create in-fighting amongst the liberals so that voter turnout is low. It’s why wikileaks and Trump were both constantly pushing the ‘Hillary stole the primary’ message.

Well, no shortage of Sanders people pushing that narrative as well. I think you give Trump too much credit for strategery. :-)

Because of the bubble that Trump supporters are living in, a world that loves Trump, everyone they see on the street is assume to be a Trump supporter by default.

Boy, I’m in red state Texas, and I don’t make that assumption. Most Trump voters are far more nuanced that that. If you look at Rasmussen, who allow people the choice of STRONGLY SUPPORT and SUPPORT (most pollsters, it’s support or not), his SUPPORT numbers are high, but his STRONGLY SUPPORT numbers are rather low. I take that to mean that most Trump voters are cautiously optimistic, not blindly supporting as you say they are.

But, for others liberals consistently, and respectfully, engaging them will slowly chip away at the pro-Trump belief system they have so that come November 2020 they will not be a trump supporter.

I have to say, regretfully, that expecting liberals to engage respectfully is a long odds bet these days.

It is that topic you should engage them on because you might be the nudge they need to recognize how Trump is incorrect on that point.

Of course, if you’re engaging to open their minds, but yours is closed, they’ll pick that up and shut you down. For any particular issue, you have to be willing to consider that THEY are right as well. Otherwise, you’re toast before you start.

You clearly have strong political views on policy. You are not 100% right; nobody is 100% right. If you can’t acknowledge that, you are a poor messenger for liberalism.

We only need to engage with the right wing and break them out of the bubble that the GOP has caged them in since Reagan.

The problem you have is that for many of us, that is a “bubble” which is intellectual and fact based. You don’t seem to be considering that possibility.

They want you to become unhinged or fanatical so that they can go to the other supporters and tell them how we, liberals, are all crazy. Don’t give them that satisfaction. If someone you are engaging with starts becoming fanatical, too confrontational, too heated or just excuse yourself and leave.

The problem you have is that even if you comport yourself well……others dont. There is no shortage of “crazy” on your side right now. Even if you don’t fuel the fire, someone else is going to.

And there are people on your “side” who, unlike you, do not seem to want to condemn this violence; and all reasonable people know that the number of actual RACISTS in America these days is rather…..small, certainly not even a fraction of the number required to enough to implicate 60M+ voters for a political candidate.

Hope that helps.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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