It’s certainly generally asserted. It is not the case in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Those countries are not single payer but SHI, and everyone there is covered. They aren’t granted their end of life care. They paid for it.

Well, Switzerland is a very different system from the rest, as far as the way it operates. France is one of the examples that I thought of, they have a push to pallative care rather quickly.

The NHS is a treated criminally by the UK government, but they are not a good example for end of life care in all of Europe. They are a tax funded system. Those systems are often underfunded and used like political punching bags.

True, that. Which is not even mentioning that the NHS is facilitated by foreign doctors that the UK trains but don’t mind working cheap, and that everyone who has any money at all in the UK has a private policy they use when the NHS doesn’t come through for them.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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