Well, off the cuff, I would say that good governance runs on facts, and if fear in some is the natural result of those facts….well…of course you want to temper that, but it doesn’t affect the facts.

And in this case, the facts are that we are careening rather rapidly into a less prosperous nation. We know income inequality is a huge problem, but the commentors on the matter have, either erroneously or intentionally, given people the sense that *all* income inequality is caused by the concentration of wealth into the upper income quintile.

That’s part of it of course, maybe even most of it; but what it ignores is that middle america is rapidly devolving into a standard of living that we associate with less developed nations. Perhaps later I’ll do a chart which graphs mean hourly wage against cost of living over time. Crudely, the delta between those two lines could be referred to as “disposable income”; what the graph will show is that nearly 70% of america, I would guess have NONE.

So, this puts people in a binary situation. What’s more important to me? My social conscience (which Trump offends) or feeding my family (which Trump says he will help.

I personally will never look down on a person who makes an unseemly, and perhaps even immoral, decision for the sake of their children. How do you judge the prostitute who for whatever reason has not or cannot obtain an education, if they do so for the sake of feeding their two children?

If you have a four year degree, and if your family income is a standard deviation or so above the working class (100K or so), then you aren’t a “typical American” anymore. The Trump voter IS, however, a “typical American”, in that their educational level and income level puts them in the midst of the bell shaped curve for those two metrics. Even worse, studies show that degreed and monied people socialize almost exclusively with people of similar means, so it’s probable that most of the people who “don’t understand what happened” in the election don’t even KNOW a person who can explain it to them. We are that stratified.

We have reached a time in our history where we can no longer afford to concern ourselves with issues of “social justice” and “the poor of the world”. We’ve had the luxury, due to our wealth, of addressing those for nearly sixty years now. Now, we need to address our prosperity again, like we did after WW2. If we don’t, and we instead decide that the middle class citizen is somehow “beneath us” because they are voting THEIR pocketbooks and not the pocketbooks (or well being) of another………then we’re screwed, quite frankly.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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