Well, no, they don’t. They’re too obsessed with virtue signalling.

Back in the the good old days of Lenin and Stalin, the average citizen, who had no use for the communists whatsoever, figured out pretty quickly that doing something called “join the Communist Party” was a ticket to more money, better accomodations, and in general, a better life.

So, they learned to say the right things, parrot the right phrases, and did just that. And now, places like Google are reproducing the exact same behavior. Apparently, at Google, you better “join the social justice movement party” or you need not apply; and if you don’t, you can’t keep your job.

At any rate, here’s how this plays out:

What annie feighery mistakenly assumes that “dudebro” is stupid. Well, (sighs) sorry, dudebro is not. He will quickly learn that he needs to come up with a “strong woman” story to appease the HR social justice biddy who asks him the question. If he doesn’t figure it out for himself, there are plenty of recruiters who will coach him to do so, because it’s the recruiter’s job to figure out why their candidates aren’t getting hired. And they will. There is about a zero % chance that the dudebros won’t have that one figured out in about 30 days. The recruiters will have all their candidates well prepped for any questions that carry the odor of rooting out an unapproved-by-SJW view, and they’ll be ready with prepared answers.

So, the dudebros will simply be driven underground. They’ll perform at work, and when opportunity arises, they’ll promote other dudebros, just as they have in the past. And now, they’ll have a more concrete reason for doing so, because they’ll be viewing the SJW as the “enemy”, especially if female. After all, they know (again factually) that attempted to discriminate against THEM for believing what is (in their minds) something innocuous.

So, the effort to weed them out will in fact result in just the opposite in what it was intended to accomplish.

Here’s my view, and I’ve lived this one, because I *did* have a person that I worked rather closely with for a couple of years who was known to be very anti-Muslim, a fan of the work of Pamela Gellar.

I handled the situation by deciding that I DIDN’T CARE what his views were, as long as he behaved in a professional manner towards me. And he did. Always, for three years.

We have to grow up, here, people. What matters is not what dudebro believes, what matters is how dudebro plays with others. And if dudebro is a team player and always behaves in an equitable fashion, who the hell gives a crap if he thinks women should be barefoot and pregnant?

What the eff is the country coming to? I swear, we’re turning into a nation of control freaks. We want everyone around us to affirm what we believe is true and correct, and if they don’t affirm us in both their business interactions AND their private lives, we want them keelhauled, tarred and feathered, and hung.

Are we really that insecure?

Count me out.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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