Ladies, ladies: you’re both ignoring the most glaring realities of the future of human survival. All this talk of evolution and wolves and selection strategies is just a pack of idle intellectual banter. The real threats to human survival, far more than ideologies and regimes, are excessive dependency on high technology, which breeds ignorance and complacency, and a snobbish disdain for hands-on tasks and true problem-solving skills, pushed aside in favor of total consumerism and total reliance on urban infrastructures.

Well, let me applaud that by saying first that I have earned a very very good living without doing much work through unnecessary technology, and finish it by committing technocrat hari-kiri:

Regarding “New Technology”:

1) Uber, AirBnb, and Lyft give us nothing we didn’t have before.

2) Facebook (and Medium) is just a fancy way of communicating with other people across distances. Alexander Graham Bell did this for us a century ago.

3) Apple didn’t invent the personal computer, nor the MP3 player, nor the smartphone. The entire company, with all of its cache, could disappear tomorrow, and in two days hence, everything we had of theirs would be replaced by able competitors.

Point here is that our latest technology wave has given us nothing we needed. Lots of nice to haves, nothing we need to have. Remove all these companies tomorrow, and in a week, nobody would notice as we returned to business as usual.

and what you have, within weeks, is a crumbling urban jungle of undriveable roads, undeliverable goods, unenforceable laws, non-working mechanical systems, and within months epidemics of cholera, typhus, influenza, and starvation.

Well, actually, we’re experiencing this in real time, as the cost of living and geography of the EgoTrip Valley has created a dearth of teachers, police/firepeople, and tradespeople from San Jose to Marin County. This problem has been observed in the EgoTrip Valley for at least two and a half decades (when I emigrated from there to more sensible climes) and now, there’s a massive commuter train expansion in the works so that the Masters of the Universe can ship in deplorables from as far away as Sacramento and Gilroy to teach their children.

This is a new kind of stupid, a kind where the smartest people are still not anywhere near as smart as they think they are, where a bovine and ill-considered madness of making everything and everyone more dependent on connected technology instead of less, is actually being passed off as the highest form of intelligence when it is in fact the abyss of self-destructive moronism.

I think I already alluded to this precise point, in less eloquent fashion. :-)

while the human race is freed to its “Higher Pursuits” like playing VR games and spying on each other with drones and hacks, while trying not to be informed on to the authorities by their “smart” doorknobs and toasters.

Quite. If we are actually freed to “higher pursuits”, the “higher pursuit” most will choose will be alcoholism and drug abuse, in my expectation.

into a gibbering mob of drugged monkeys who cannot even be troubled to feed, house and clothe ourselves unless all these things are ready-made for us and require no endeavor on anyone’s part.

I think the fact that we achieved the moon in the late 60’s, using less computer power than we today carry in our pockets, and then mothballed the heavy booster technology that got us there whilst we never again exercised that Muscle of Human Achivement, testifies sufficiently that you’re quite correct. Fifty years ex post facto, why aren’t we on Mars?

They will deteriorate faster than anyone today dreams possible, into vast slums of starving, ignorant, helpless marauders who have not the least notion how to provide for themselves other than to steal and kill for the most basic requirements of life.

See my above comment re: Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

These self-styled intellectuals and “entrepeneurs” and functionaries who people the modern city today, are living on borrowed time already, and by all indications will be nowhere near ready or have the least clue what to do, when the power goes off and doesn’t come back on.

You’re setting up the Eloi and the Morlocks.

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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