The unanswerable question, to me, is how things would’ve turned out if Jazz’s parents had just figured, “Oh, he’ll grow out of this I’m-a-girl schtick in a few years,” and therefore hadn’t thought it worthwhile to take their 4-year-old child to a gender clinic, where a formal diagnosis of GID was made.

Well, it’s unanswerable to everyone. Hence a large part of the problem in trying to conclude anything from it.

As far as I can tell, Jazz seems all-in on her chosen gender. I think she’s 16 now. In a decade, if she’s still all happy and fulfilled and having a good life, then we can say that the right thing happened. If she ends up messed up, or even worse regretful/suicidal, then that’s a shame, especially if she later believes the gender switch to be the cause.

It sucks to be only able to judge a treatment by its outcome, especially when the treatment takes you down all these dark, one-way-only alleyways. But that’s kind of where we are with this.

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