However, it would seem quite hypocritical that people who passionately supported her — the religious right — would shout about how they despise undocumented immigrants for committing the crime of walking past a border created by man when their book says to love those people.

Well, it’s not. I can quite easily love my child AND tell them they’re not to be within 10 ft of the swimming pool without supervision, quite easily. And that’s also a border created by man.

“Love Thy Neighbor” means that you treat all people with respect, and do good to them to the extent you are able. It does not require you to allow them to live in your spare bedroom.

When you ask your average person from the religious right why religion is so important, you will often be told that religion helps people be better to one another and more giving generally.

Although not wrong, those are certainly not the major reasons. Religion places the believer’s relationship with God front and center; one pleases God by adhering to his commandments; and the commandments are not just about love, but about righteousness. That GENERALLY leads to people being better to one another and more giving, but because of that pesky “righteousness” thing, not always.

What this group has shown us is that many of them are self-serving, cruel and hypocritical. That is not to say all religious people are this way, but it is becoming increasingly clear far too many are this way.

This is not news to any religious person.

What explanation can we come up with for why so many from the religious right show so much contempt for people who simply want to come to this country for safety?

Hm. “Contempt”. The word doesn’t fit. Suffice to say that conservative people (a) believe in the rule of law, and (b) believe that the majority culture has value worth preserving. That’s probably enough information for you to figure out the actual motivations behind the views expressed.

We know it is racism, it is xenophobia and it is many other things their book has also not been able to vanquish.

Logical fallacy, of the form “If-not-THIS-then-it-must-be-THIS”. Illogical. The fact that “A” is false does not require “B” (and/or “C”) to be true.

These are things that can only be beaten down through other forms of education and conditioning.

No thank you, Nicolai.

In the Pew survey I referenced earlier, it was found that people with no religious affiliation supported accepting refugees more than any religious group.

Unsurprising. If you look at my (b) mentioned above, then you’ll realize that for a religious person, their religion is a part of the culture they wish to preserve. And I say that as a member of a nonmajority religion.

Altruism is not the product of religion, it precedes religion, and often times religion is its enemy.

A statement with which no religious person would agree.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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