I was aware this was happening, but I wasn’t aware you are Muslim. From what I gather, a lot of transgender people are required to have SRS before they can legally date the opposite sex, since homosexuality is not allowed… Correct me if I am wrong, of course…

Well, in Islam, dating is technically taboo; that’s not how you pick your mate. Some islamic countries enforce this by law, others leave it up to social pressure and your extended family. In a “modern” Islamic country, (Jordan, Turkey, Malaysia, Syria before it got shitty, etc) you’ll just have to deal with disapproving stares. In a strict Islamic country (Iran, Saudi Arabia) being in a solo social situation with the opposite sex can get you attention from the police, and not in a good way.

I really don’t know, from country to country, how the transgender rulings are being managed/accepted. I suspect that transpeople feel very pressured, despite the technical legality of their condition during and after transitioning, to pass and be very discrete both for and after. Just because the sheiks say that people SHOULD accept the condition doesn’t mean that society DOES accept it.

Then, there’s the southeastern asian muslim nations, which are historically and culturally more accepting of transgenderism than (to my knowledge) anywhere else on the planet. I suspect the Malaysians don’t give any of this a second thought. (I spend a lot of time in Malaysia. They are wonderfully unique people when it comes to these sorts of matters.)

And, you’re correct, these rulings apply to individuals who are in the process of the “surgical solution”, before and after, only. Not any other sort of nonhetero condition.

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