The cause of the right of free speech on campus even for odious people seems to be gaining bipartisan support, if Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s public support for Coulter speaking at Berkeley is any indication.

Well, I’d say that free speech has had popular support for a couple of centuries now. Good of Warren and Sanders to hop on the bandwagon.

First, all the national attention given to Murray and Coulter’s run-ins with angry students cements the idea that the standard bearers of the American right are the sort who, fairly or not, are seen as being exclusively interested in the country’s racial and genetic hygiene and little else.

That would be “or not”. And when individuals are unfairly characterized, it’s a ultimately a blight to ALL commentators. Why? Because it kicks off an “arms race” where now the next gen of conservatives feels authorized to violently protest leftist speakers because they espouse what is, to them, noxious views.

But it’s a lot worse than that, I fear. I believe we are witnessing the devolution of conservatism as both a trait and an ideology from a serious set of ideas to a reality TV show-style mess unworthy of serious attention.

Well, I’d venture to say that both “sides” view the more combative speakers of the “other side” as “devolving the dialogue”. Melissa Harris-Perry’s tampon earrings come to mind.

“Even Michael Brendan Dougherty, an avowed fan of Europe’s “new right” and its equivalent in America, is forced to admit that it “lacks skill.” To be blunter: they’re morons.”

Eh. There’s a transition going on between the old “incrementalist” conservatives you referred to previously, and a new, more combative, activist generation. Don’t tell me there’s not an analogy on the left; while all you people were mooning over Sanders, the rest of us saw an angry old man that has had the keys to that liquor cabinet you mentioned way too long.

“We see the results in America today. The Republican Party is in a more powerful position than it has been in 100 years, at all levels, yet it seems incapable of really doing much. “

Nationally, true to an extent; there’;s still a transition going on. The current conservative surge started in 2010, and promply punted its chance to win the Senate by nominating Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle. In 2012, it booted it again, by letting a couple of religious nuts like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock get in on its action.

But at the same time, it extended its power nationally, because at the state level, there were no shortage of the mature conservatives you mention previously. Nobody is taking shots at the ability of Nikki Haley, Susanna Martinez, and Brian Sandoval to be serious political heavyweights.

So, a bit more than half the US population today is living, at the state level, under GOP governance, and in most cases (yes, Missouri…..) liking it. And learning that the GOP are not the bogeymen the national media portray them to be.

“Put simply: if it really wants to matter again at all, everyone on the American right needs to grow up.”

Happening as we speak.

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