Please provide some kind of citation where they refer to themselves as communists or anti-capitalistic anarchists.

Well, how about almost anywhere?


Here is how one self-described antifa activist explained the label to TIME: “The standard for antifa ideology is anti-capitalism, anti-fascism of course.”


From my reading of their own messages (not what’s written about them) They mostly are like this (from wikipedia): According to Peter Beinart, Antifa activists “combat white supremacism not by trying to change government policy but through direct action.

Yes. They are vigilantes taking the law (or what they want the law to be) into their own hands, since that “direct action” is violence. Supporting them is therefore directly opposing the rule of the law and the US Constitution.

This is not a Chinese Buffet: you don’t get to pick one thing you like about these guys and not the rest of who they are. If you empower them, they will not give up power. Period. Wherever they have popped up, they have had to be put down by force.

These guys have been around forever, like here:

Since “you are opposed to racism!” isn’t a bad enough insult “communist!” will have to do.

Read before you spout off, dear. You’re praising a rabid dog, because right now the dog is biting the people we don’t like.

But a rabid dog will eventually turn. On you.

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