Reality most time is, company selling the application and when you have 100 customers to support on let say patient management suite and a sale person brings a customer who he promised to have a date of death as a mandatory field, it might raise a few concerns with other hundred customers when admitting new patients.

Well, first off, that falls into my “stupid” qualification. The right answer by any salesperson is “let me see what it might take to make that customization for you and I’ll get back to you”. Then, proddev, marketing, and sales can all put their heads together and decide if they want to pursue the business in some why, be it through an actual change to the core, or a customization delivered by a services engagement.

So yeah sales people not talking to devs, or having a clue about the vision for the application is a disaster.

True. But IN MY EXPERIENCE, the fault for this is not with the sales person; too many sales organizations are not in the loop when it comes to product direction. Companies who don’t include sales (and their best customers, for that matter) in their product planning cycles are a special kind of stupid.

Also studies prove, that during your formative years as company sometime you have to implement vision instead of selling, getting mired in support before the application gains critical mass, will keep you employed for 2 years, but then the awesome soft that was developed by people who had time to do it right, thx to VC, comes and steals your lunch, dinner and a house.

I’m not exactly sure of the point you’re making here. It sounds like you’re saying that trying to go to market before the product is reasonably well cooked can be a disaster.

If that’s what you’re saying, I SORT OF agree with that, which is why its nice for new products to have a few reliable customers in on the “beta” cycle, if you want to call it that.

P.S. I my many years of working with new requirements, “can be done” and “should be done” has been at odds with each other at least a few hundred times.

Well, always will be. However, using the example you provided WRT a date of death field, the solution is to provide several customize able fields in the DB which are sitting there under the covers that can be exposed at install time…..or not. Lots of products have something like that nowadays.

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