Well. :-)

I live in Houston, but am well familiar with New Braunfels. Omar didn't mention that this isn't small town rural America --- it';s a city of 90,000 which is one of the fastest growing areas of the US, being that it's located on the Interstate between San Antonio and Austin; and it's really on the same piece of concrete as San Marcos, just a few miles to the north on the same interstate.

It's not "rural Texas". Not even close.

Here's a couple of hints if you ever hope to turn Texas blue:

1) Stop talking down to people. I didn't vote for Cornyn because he was white and male -- I voted for him because he's experienced and Hegar comes across as an empty void looking for a job.

2) Stop calling every decision a GOP official makes regarding voting "suppression". It makes you sound stupid. Texas had three weeks of early voting and some large cities like Houston even had a 24-hour voting day on the last day of early voting. If you couldn't figure out how to vote in Texas during this election, it's because you didn't really want to vote.

3) Understand the electorate, a point that you make that I agree with. One of the factors that is continually missed by people "analyzing" Texas elections is that there have always been more Latino Republicans in Texas than in other areas. Voter turnout among Latinos is somewhat low, but the real problem Democrats have in Texas is that there are tons of Republican Latino politicians and no reflexive dislike of the GOP amongst Latinos as there are in some other states and cities.

4) Acknoweldge that the Democrat voters in Texas are to the right of Democrat voters nationally ---- I've joked in other forums that a Texas Democrat would be called a Right Wing Nut Job in New York City. This matters, because if Democrats start espousing some of the policy priorities of their progressive wing....that turns a lot of Texas Democrats into Republicans. Notions such as anti-fracking, defund the police, and the like might sell in Colorado, but not in Texas.

Texas, btw, was never as strongly Trump as some neighboring states. I would expect the GOP candidate in 2024, who will assumedly be more humble and decent person than Trump, will win Texas more easily.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.