hat I do know is the Impeachment process is a political process.

Well, at least we agree on that point.

Some partisanship is bound to be a part of things at some point, but that little announcement by McConnell, Graham, and the GOP Frat Boy hijinks of the Impeachment Hearings during the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees has taken partisanship to a level I have never seen in 60 years.

I would agree it’s in a high level, and I’ve been watching it since the 70’s. The difference between you and I is that you see partisan, unstatementlike behavior only one one side, while I see it on both.

That included the little pizza party stunt and the “Let’s leave all the empty boxes for the n — -rs to clean up,” maneuver.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Lying under oath is a crime. Lying about a consensual sexual affair under oath is an impeachable offense and a danger to the United States?

It’s obviously not a danger to the United States, and in my view was not an impeachable offense.

So, key point here: We both just agreed that certain felonies are not impeachable. Let’s make sure we apply that standard fairly to both sides.

I suppose not one, single, GOP congressman has ever lied about having an affair with someone who was not their wife.

I have little doubt that wife-cheating, and subsequent lying about it, is a bipartisan activity and is probably somewhat common in the Hallowed Halls.

Since I never mentioned Barack Obama, your “St. Obama” remark speaks volumes about where you are coming from.

Yes, I think every president this century has been a joke so far. Hope that helps.

Here we go again with the “We just don’t like the President, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa”, Crybaby Conservative sound bites.

Some sound bites are truth.

Some people who are his supporters are textbook, encyclopedic, living examples of Fascism: The Ku Klux Klan, (which I noted you never commented about them lionizing him on their web site the morning after the election,) The Proud Boys, Talking Points USA, etc.

I’ll be glad to comment. As a non-white Muslim woman, racism disgusts me. But again, the POINT is that all candidates will attract some number of sundry elements. Judging the candidate by their supporters creates a rather large cart-horse problem which you refuse to acknowledge because it doesn’t benefit your tribe.

They revel in the one of the main principles of fascism which is the demonization of “the other.”

I think of this every time Sanders or Warren demonizes the rich. Do you?

Hey, I know that’s the allegedly plausible, gaslighting, explanation of what MAGA means. Must protect the Myth of White Innocence at all costs. We all know full well the connotation of that phrase which is why hate groups have latched onto this president so doggedly.

Hmmmmm…..”Myth of White Innocence”. Yea, no demonization there. :-)

But, more broadly, the issue here is that the obvious, poll-confirmed definition of the MAGAs was unsatisfactory to your politics, so you made up your own definition to suit.

Unsurprising, I suppose. I have long noticed that the more a person detests Trump, the more they seem to reason in a similar fashion to him.

If they’re waiting for jobs to come back to the Rust Belt as they used to be, the Coal Mines as they used to be, or even the Carrier plant which ended up sending jobs to Mexico, and not as Trump promised, then they should be out in the streets protesting how get got robbed, they didn’t get a tax cut, etc.

It’s rather interesting how you miss the point.

Manufacturing jobs are leaving the nation. We understand that. The reason Trump is president is because (in part) he was the first politician to address the problem publicly.

Has he solved it? No. But he acknowledged it, and promised to try. That’s more than those affected by out-migration of jobs got from any other politician.

Social Justice Nut Jobs. Sounds like demonization of “the other” sure as hell.

See previous comment about the demonization of the rich.

Gee! I mean, anyone who wants social justice in a Democracy has GOT to be a bad guy.

Nope. The difference between a liberal and you is that a liberal wants to rectify problems and move on, while the Nut Jobs on both sides want to punish the tribe they believed caused the problem. (And in some cases, to the NJ’s, punishing the other side more important than fixing the problem. )

Is that not obvious to you?

How do YOU what their situations are on the ground, and just not by figures regurgitated by a right-wing “think tank?” Real life tends to be a bit different.

Pfft. I showed you data from a LEFT-leaning think tank. :-)

Employment is up. WAY up. I live in a mostly A-A part of Houston, and it’s impossible to find a business without a help wanted sign out. That’s good. Would you like to argue that it’s bad?

Step 1. “us” and “them” (prejudice and the formation of a dominant group)

Making your fellow citizens into enemies:

The Liberals, The Democrats, The Undocumented Immigrants from Central America, but NOT Undocumented Immigrant from Europe, Blacks and other People of Color, the LGBTQ communities:

“The Rich” “Trumpists” “Deplorables” “Bitter Clingers”. “Gun Nuts”. “Religious Right”.

You live in a glass house. Stop throwing stones.

Look the other way while they:

Take children, oops I meant “certain” undocumented immigrant children but not all, away from their parents, lock them up in concentration camps, deny them health care or a decent place to sleep or keep clean.

Yea. Let’s just send them to adult prisons with their undocumented parents. That will be much better for them. :-)

I dislike this situation as much as you do, but the solution is to end the problem of undocumented immigrants entering the country. What solutions do you suggest, since catch-and-release is a failed option and should not be continued?

This situation reeks with hypocrisy:

2. OK, says the GOP, let’s harden the border and prevent entry.

3. OMG, we can’t do that, say the Dems. (Presumably because their electoral future is tied up with turning illegal entrants into voters, but why engage in cynicism at this point?) :-)

Right now, with the political gridlock we have, separating the families is the least bad solution. Unless you have another idea.

Step 3. do “them” harm (obeying an authority who commands actions against our conscience)

Lots of the treatment of “certain” undocumented migrants demonstrates this.

See above.

This is how every Authoritarian Fascist regime has conducted itself in modern history. It IS happening here.

Don’t be ridiculous. Not a single constitutional right has been compromised for any US citizen, and issues with the police and minorities, border detention, illegal immigrants, and child separation all predate Trump.

But, feel free to point out how the sky is falling.



Free markets/free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is perfect and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.

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Kady M.

Kady M.

Free markets/free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is perfect and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.