This America, with a moral center unhinged and adrift, has lost its bearings in the harbor, has forgotten the meaning of the words inscribed on Liberty Island:

We haven’t forgotten them; they are a part of our grand history, spoken by a developing nation in the process of building out a Republican from ocean to ocean.

However, they do not express the needs (or lack thereof) of a developed nation which is struggling to find well compensated employment for tens of millions. Times change.

We have all been “others” at one point in time.

Hm. Most Americans have not been “others”; most were born here from parents who were born here. We all have “others” in our recent family trees, but generally not in the past generation.

The so-called champions of God, family, and morality are complicit in their silence, as their government demonizes “others” that Jesus would have embraced

I find this reference odd. It seems to me that the “left” likes to quote Jesus when they believe He would agree with them, but when the right wants to discuss what Jesus’ opinions on gay marriage and abortion likely would have been, the left starts referring to Him as a “primitive superstition.”

they look the other way when families are ripped apart, stripped of their belongings and locked in cages; they mute their outrage by finding comfort in their selective amnesia, succumbing to distortions of facts and propaganda to justify their indifference, accepting the downgrading of refugees from people to pestilence.

This is propaganda, not fact. Nobody on any “side” is comfortable with any of this. The *question* which this propaganda ignores is how precisely should the border be secured and illegal crossings deterred. “We” on the right are unsatisfied with the Obama policy of catch-and-release, in that a majority of those “caught and released” never show up for their hearing dates. When the “left” comes up with a reasonable suggestion that all can agree to, we’ll listen; but the left, on this issue, tends not to traffic in reasonable suggestions. Neither “open borders” nor “abolish ICE” are reasonable suggestions.

This country that once opened its borders to those who fled oppressed nations, now finds that it’s an oppressed nation, too, when its government denigrates and jails refugees seeking asylum at the border.

This is factually incorrect. Find the site that told you this lie, and delete it from your daily reading. If a refugee is seeking asylum, they present themselves at a port of entry, and they are processed; they are neither denigrated nor jailed. Key point here: You cannot present yourself for asylum after you have crossed the border illegally. The suggestion that an illegal crosser can suddenly say, upon apprehension “Oh, I want to apply for asylum” is false.

One party subjugating their constituents by diminishing opportunities and unraveling the safety net, stripping away our indivisible rights to accommodate the religious beliefs of a few.

Please cite specifically what (a) opportunities have been diminished, (b) what parts of the safety net have been “unraveled”, and (c ) what rights have been stripped. I can think of no instances of any of this.

When he expresses empathy, you wonder what his motives are. Is it politically advantageous?

Be advised that the critics of Mr. Obama thought the same thing of him.

<snips more of the same ranting>

Instead of draining the swamp as he promised, he put billionaires and Wall Street alumni in his cabinet. The 1% billionaires who own most of the wealth in our economy determine its policies. That is not okay.

It’s probably fair to point out here that Mr. Obama and Mr. Clinton also appointed Wall Street alumni; and that the right never considered them, nor billionaires, to be “the swamp”. And, it’s generally a good idea to have people who understand the economy to be running it. We COULD appoint the clueless to suit political inclinations…..but I doubt that would end well.

Or, that the 99% majority lives off stagnated wages and are fearful of losing their homes if they can’t pay their healthcare bills.

Not anymore. If there is ONE THING the ACA solved, it was medical bankruptcy.

His capitulation to North Korea showed weakness

There was no capitulation. We cancelled a military exercise which can be rescheduled in a heartbeat, and got concessions in return. Yes, NK is not a dependable partner; but three decades of isolating NK have just kicked the can down the road. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is…….

but his leadership style has led to uncertainty and chaos from which there may not be a way back.

How grim, to have such a dim view of our Constitution and our nation, that it cannot survive 4–8 years of Trump.

He is destroying our democracy and the world order

How has he destroyed our democracy? And the world order? Again, please be specific as to how this has occurred.

We need a leader without a self-serving, vindictive agenda.

Hm. Good luck finding such a saint.

Someone who only cares about 40% of the electorate should not be the president of everyone.

Again, this was a common criticism of Mr. Obama, from the right.

We must save the republic by maintaining the framework of our democracy, by keeping checks and balances in place. Without them, we drift further toward authoritarian rule,

On that we agree. Especially, when it comes to authoritarian regulation of the economy. More regulation is, of course, authoritarian in scope. Thankfully, Mr. Trump has reduced Mr. Obama’s authoritarianism in his time in office.

Voting in the midterm elections might be our last opportunity to save our indivisible rights.

I agree, although I doubt we agree on which party is best to vote for to achieve that end.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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