Secession was not the result of northerners calling southerners racist.

Wasn’t thinking about THAT secession; I was thinking about the (relatively) active secession movements in Texas and California. This is a direct result of polarized politics, a portion of which is racial mudslinging.

You’re also putting responsibility on the people who call out racism and racist policies instead of the people who are either a. racist or b. perpetuating racist policy.

You’re assuming as fact something which is not in evidence; that the people who call out racism are always right. :-)

Where do you think all this strife comes from? It comes from people (and look, this happens both ways, both parties, different issues, but we’re talking racism here) who accuse other people FALSELY of being racists.

There is an active attempt, it seems, to conflate RACISM with RACIAL. It is not racist to point out (for example) that black Americans have a higher incarceration rate than white Americans on a per capita basis. A person who uses that statistic MIGHT BE RACIST, and might be using that fact to disparage black Americans, but it remains a simple statement of fact; and an important one, at that.

Yet, we see people who use that statistic, and others like it, to accuse the user of being a racIST. Doesn’t work like that.

Or, take the controversy over Confederate monuments. I’m sure that some people who want them left in place are racists. HOWEVER, you can make a historical NONRACIAL argument about leaving them in place; Svetlana Voreskova has written in detail about how despite the fact that communism is now abhored in Russia, the statues of Lenin and Stalin remain in place, and WHY that is so.

So, as long as people on the left ASSUME RACIST INTENT when none exists, the US Republic is in some level of peril.

You are telling me that you would like to focus more of your time and energy on preventing liberals from calling conservatives racist than you would preventing conservatives from passing policies that discriminate against people based on their race.

Wrong. Please don’t put words in my mouth. What I HAVE told you is that conservatives do not, broadly speaking, engage in passing discriminatory policies. You assume we do something with which we do not.

Which brings us full circle to where we started, which was Voter ID and the NC Maps:

  1. The data shows conclusively that no racial group is discriminated against by Voter ID laws; further, the SCOTUS has stated that Voter ID laws are not inherently discriminatory. So, let’s just put that one to bed.
  2. The entire reason I engaged in the NC Map discussion (which I learned quite a bit about, thank you very much) is to back up my contention that conservatives don’t engage in discriminatory policies. I became very interested to know if my contention had been invalidated by the NC situation.
  3. But (as I suspected) the NC Map analysis does just that. The behavior of the NC Legislature and that map is perfectly explained by two motivations. ONE is that they wanted to disenfranchise Democrats (not news), and TWO is that the good old boy network wanted to protect the seat of one of their longest serving members, David Price (D) (also unsurprising).
  4. What NC found is they couldn’t do both; Price’s district is D+17 and 56% white; if they had instead tweaked that district to keep it Democrat and make it 56% black, we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now, because Price would lose his seat to black candidate, and then 22% of the NC delegation would be black instead of 15%.

What I will always do (and you can take this one to the bank) is because of the statistics that show that no more than about 5–7% of US citizens are today overtly racist, I will *always *assume that when an allegation of discrimination is made, AND there is a NONracist explanation that ALSO explains the behavior in question (see 3–4 above), I will always assume that the nonracist explanation is valid; to do otherwise would be accusing people of racism without sufficient evidence, and that would show low character on my part. Ockam’s Razor, also.

Hope that helps.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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