They do not. The economy itself shapes all of that.

Uh, yes, but that misses the point. The fact that they occur under different economic systems means capitalism isn’t the culprit.

Economy and the inevitability of the powerful trying to acquire and retain (hoard) all the wealth they possibly can creates all of those issues directly (except abortion, where the heck you get that tidbit?).

Bingo. Since all systems inevitably sort themselves out into a “those with power” and “those without”, the system is not relevant.

The economy moved from agriculture into industry and caused all of the above. (Like capitalism caused Chinese industrialization.)

Same happened in the USSR and Nazi Germany. Again, the system is not relevant.

Take a look out the window. The majority are becoming less prosperous.

Yes, we talked about things like the bad trade agreements.

You should stick to economics. All politics is about authority.

Obviously. However, we distinguish between an authoritarian government and a democratic one. In the former, the rulers are not beholden to the people; in the latter, they are. (Obviously, shades of grey exist between the two.)

You like to call rich folks’ right to keep all the money they possibly can, no matter who gets hurt, freedom. The middle class is seeing it more like indentured servitude.

Yes, probably a good 20% of the middle class see it that way. Not very educated of them, but it’s a popular myth, historically speaking.

So, the majority is rapidly realizing that the democratic process as been bought by the elites. And when they do, you’ll see what democracy looks like. (And it ain’t Plutocracy.)

The process can indeed be improved; it is nigh on time for an end to the two party system and allow for a broader view of politics, in my view.

You mean authoritarian? Like Glass Stegal? Authoritarian over whom. Rich folks who repealed the 60 year old law and 8 years late tanked the system and got bailed out by Govt?

Glass Steagall was a set of laws that regulated retail banks. The meltdown was caused by investment banks, the GSE’s, and AIG. G-S was unrelated to the meltdown, although it’s been a popular scapegoat by lefties who don’t understand the meltdown.

Wow, that was a mouthful, just to back out of the whole Hitler thing.

It was rather important to point out that although Hitler was not technically a socialist, he may as well have been one. The government controlled the means of production.

The heck they don’t. Healthcare is not an optional expense. You cut their Medicare ….

Misses the point. The Medicare budget was cut; services were not cut. So, there was no change in inflows and outflows.

So you are saying that shopping between four options does more to keep Dutch healthcare costs lower than all their other regulations?

Possibly. The Dutch have used an online reverse auction format to allow people to shop services. Obviously, services are more expensive in the Hague than they are in the countryside. Being able to keep a portion of the savings is a strong incentive to shop prices, which is a strong incentive for providers to stay competitive.

Medical costs are enormously labor intensive. You can’t mass produce or automate production of healthcare like we did everything else. Add massive expansion of tech into the mix and you get a different animal altogether converging at about the same time Medicare came online.

True, but we have a remarkably convoluted and shitty costing structure with zero transparency to the patient, most of whom simply don’t care about the billing or the cost; all they care about is what their out of pocket is. Cost control over any good or service starts with transparency to those costs; that was the core of Dr. Stiglitz’ Nobel Prize work, if memory serves. And Medicare took a huge portion of the population who already had little visibility into cost and gave them none.

There’s water there.

What the heck are you talking about “access in some fashion?” Like the Reps want to “access” Social Security? Let’s stick to real stuff.

Bon Voyage.

Oh, I think the chance of us having the same sort of government we have today for the next half century or so are in the 98% range. But, it’s always best to be prepared. :-)

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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