Either way, anecdotal evidence is just anecdotes.

True. However, this shit weighs on you after awhile. I’ve gotten three word “fuck off, sycophant” responses after writing long, well-reasoned defenses of this or that. Eventually, you get tired of wasting your time. If the Bernies don’t want to discuss policy, that’s fine — — I won’t try anymore. I’ll just do the best I can to close the lid on the trashcan of history on them.

Also, I’m talking about abuse from Warren/Buttigieg/Harris supporters, not Trumpeteers.

Fair enough.

Perhaps it is unfortunate that we, as a society, can’t debate reasonably, but it’s really a sign of how dire things have become.

I am not sure that’s true. If you ask a Boomer instead of just marginalizing us, (which was always kind of crazy, since mathematically, no candidate can win shit without a ton of Boomer votes) we’d tell you that this is the second time we’ve been through this cycle. In the 60’s, many of us were to the left of where the Bernies say they are today. We were in open rebellion against the “Establishment”, with street demonstrations that were sometimes violent, and designed to create political instability, They shot four of us dead in 1970, you may recall. Some of our thought leaders were openly communistic, supporting Castro and the USSR; and this was all fueled by anger against a war we shouldn’t have been involved in, where a third of the boys every year were being drafted and marched off to, and we had no political voice to resist, in that the voting age was 21.

All that was reflected in the politics of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. There was not much in the way of communications between the “sides”. To the Establishment, we were young, inexperienced people who wanted change where none was needed, and we didn’t know our place.

The political debate was centered on war, but included civil and women’s rights. We got our “change” candidate, our Sanders, in 1972; his name was Eugene McCarthy. Today you’d call him a “progressive”; he was painted as a potential Communist sympathizer who would disarm America on the promise that if we laid down our nukes first, the USSR would lay down theirs, because the USSR were all Really Nice People who just had nukes for defensive purposes.

Nixon blew him out with 520 electoral votes, even though the rumors of Watergate were already sullying the Nixon campaign.

Which is why the Boomers that lead the Democrats want no part of Sanders. They remember.

The simple fact is that most people have never been cut out for issue centric discourse and that most calls for civility are just silencing by people who don’t want to have that discussion in the first place.

Although I have some agreement with that on a macro level, there’s no reason to parrot that behavior at the micro level.

Now here you are, first asserting that Sanders supporters are nasty (nice bit with BernieBabies, btw), then saying they’ve been mean to you (i.e. you’re on the internet). It’s disingenuous bullshit, which you basically admitted by taking pride in that little bit of tone police judo you pulled.

Hey, if the kitchen is too hot for you, step outside. :-)

You’re congratulating yourself for it but really, you’re punching way below your weight.

Oh, I completely agree. If you flip through what I write, you’ll find very little ad hominem shit like what we’re discussing now, and I consider perjoratives to be a waste of good time. (Personally, I’ll just add that as a religious Muslim that keeps her prayers, getting all emotional on the internet screws up my prayer life, because you can’t just turn those emotional spigots on and off at will.)

I’m disassembling your nonsense right now for anyone still paying attention.

Works both ways. Because what you’ve basically said is “We Sanders people are RIGHT, everyone else in the country is WRONG, and if you disagree with us, TOUGH LUCK, because we don’t owe you an explanation.”

This is the paucity of the Sanders supporters in full view, and why his candidacy is, for all intents and purposes, now over.

What we get to find out next is if history continues to repeat itself. After the election of 1972, the leftist Boomers disintegrated as a movement. Many of them held to their political positions, of course, but the majority of them got jobs, finished their education, got MBA’s, and voted for Reagan.

In conclusion: Thank you for providing a picture perfect example of what we’re talking about.

Right back at’cha.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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