Oh, right. You mean like when I say the rich bought off DC ….

Time out.

When I say that the “system is not rigged”, I am talking about the basic principles of the free market. Buy low, sell high. Take raw materials, add value in a manufacturing process, sell them. In that system, wealth naturally moves to the skilled and the experienced and away from the unskilled and the inexperienced. You have to have value to add value. Simple.

In that system, there are winners and losers; and the system can be a harsh mistress. It doesn’t need to be “rigged” to be cruel. It just is. If you’re unskilled or inexperienced, it would be very easy to believe that the deck is stacked against you. But its not.

and got big tax breaks over the last 38 years that they use to buy back stock and add value for “Investors,” instead of creating jobs like they keep saying they will?”

Actually, they did create jobs over the last 38 years. Tons of them. However, because of negative incentives in trade agreements, they created them overseas. (I thought we agreed on that one.) So, yea, that part was indeed “rigged”; we were signing trade agreements built off a corporatist template popularized by Bill Clinton and Mickey Kantor. And finally, we have a president who is willing to poke holes in them, instead of just doubling down like Bush II and Obama did.

I could further mention how minimum wages was suppressed for the last 30 years

You could, but it’s quite natural (e.g. “unrigged”) for a business to want to pay as little as possible for labor. You don’t need political suppression to get small business people to line up against having to pay more than they currently are.

, how Glass Stegal was rescinded,

Where did THAT come from? You’re bitching about labor and money trickling to the top; G-S had no effect on that.

, How merger after merger was rubber stamped, how Nafta et al was waved through, how the whole banking system propped up with billions after they suckered the rest of the world into buying junk loans as triple-A okay, and how not a one of them got their hands slapped for tanking the planet with their pervasive fraud.

Uh…… yea. I am a critic of the government sitting on its hands while monopolies develop, I agree that NAFTA sucked, and the problem with the meltdown is that there was no law that could be used to charge them with, unless you wanted to smash the ratings agencies, which is where the actual fraud occurred. So, we agree that all those things were bad……but that’s a long way from declaring the basic system to be rigged.

I could say that and much much more, but you have nice sets of dazzling numbers and really cool jargon, tailor made by your superiors for our dining and dancing pleasure, and all of the above is just navel-gazing, right? Spare me your myopia.

I am terribly sorry my intelligence offends you.

And that’s the problem. Econs see only the money trying to create more money and not the society within and upon which it operates. You, see, fair is what y’all better strive for and pretty soon to or you get what you are worried about.

Actually, that’s not quite correct. Money is inexorably tied into freedom. If you have no disposable money, you may have political freedom on paper, but you are limited in how you exercise it.

Yeah, revolution is simmering out there and y’all know it.

Rubbish. Revolution comes from the stomach, and we’re too well fed to fall prey to an event which would wipe out the economy for a generation, and result in nothing but worse economic conditions for all.

We have a tiny number of juveniles in our country running around in black masks pretending they are revolutionaries. We have another tiny number of juveniles running around with tiki torches promoting racism. We have another larger number of people watching all this pretending they are outraged about something.

The other 95% of us are going about our daily business and waiting for everyone else to grow up.

Best you work out the basic income thing (and call it whatever you want besides fairness) before then, huh?

Not worried.

But feel free to continue to attempt to superimpose your jargon over the real world issues of corporatism and plutocracy. I like the practice.

Actually, you need the practice.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.