If it wasn’t for her 29,000 deathbed baptisms then those souls wouldn’t have made it to heaven, but if you don’t believe in heaven, or that the path to heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, then Mother Teresa’s compassion could seem cruel.

This was the conclusion that Christopher Hitchens came to as well, regarding Mother Theresa. If you’re an atheist, then the purpose of religious ministry (see the disconnect there) should be to alleviate earthly suffering, since it’s the only kind of suffering there is.

OTOH, Mother Theresa was entirely consistent to her belief system.

I’ve been to Kolkata and seen the facilities used by Mother Theresa, which are still used by her Order. I’ve also walked the streets at night in Kolkata and had to step over person after person who live in those streets, wearing the same clothes day after day, and at night, having to try to ignore the mosquitoes which swarm over them.

And those were not the poorest of the poor; those are the ones who eke out meager livings as houseboys to the more well to do, and therefore (generally) have reasonably full bellies, although they have no roof over their heads. I’ve seen the POOR there as well, and it is not pretty.

Almost no one in a developed nation lives like that, so it’s impossible to pass a judgement.

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