Sure there are going to be whackos in any movement, I’m sure I wouldn’t agree with many of the writings you mention.

This may or may not be as true as I have heard, but one of the distinctions between “eastern philosophy” and “western philosophy” is how holistic the view of the philosophy is.

Svetlana Voreskova may wish to comment on this, because Russia sits at the crux of the two. Their literature and arts are decidedly Western-leaning, while their philosophy tends to be Eastern-leaning (as Russian Orthodoxy is an expression of an Oriental religion).

“Westerners” have a tendency to decompose problems and attempt to solve or address them by addressing their component parts, while “Easterners”, reputedly, address them holistically. So, in the case of “feminism”, a westerner tends to see feminism like a Chinese Buffet; you can take a little bit of THIS and a little bit of THAT, don’t take what you don’t like, but still say you like Chinese food. “Feminism”, then, becomes not a holistic world view, but a collection of ideas by which the WESTERN feminist picks and chooses what they like and do not like……but still thinks of themselves as a feminist.

That approach makes no sense to an Oriental thinker; a philosophy is not a collection of ideas which can be culled from the main philosophy, but an integrated whole; if you pull a piece out of it, the entire paradigm falls apart.

ERGO, you cannot say “I am a feminist because I believe in these six or seven feminist ideas but not the rest”; if you don’t believe in the entire matter, you’re simply not a feminist; you’re a non-feminist who simple agrees with feminists on certain points.

For most of history when women have been raped or abused no one took them seriously.

Possibly so, but certainly not true today. Interestingly, there is a rather obvious negative correlation between the level of “women’s rights” in a country, and the penalty given to rapists. The countries with the least admirable social acceptance of equality tend to be the ones who deliver the harshest sentences for rape.

I always find that interesting…..and somewhat hypocritical on the part of the “enlightened West”.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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