The Constitution of the United States was founded on racist principles because it was framed by those within a specific social system: wealthy, white-male colonialists many of whom were slave owners.

This is where semantics gets really, really pithy, and we all need to be really, really tight with the definitions of the words we are using. The above sentence can either be accurate or highly misleading, depending on the way we define the terms.

The Framers of the Constitution, many of whom were ADAMANTLY opposed to slavery, decided, rightly or wrongly, that the highest priority in framing said Constitution was to have all 13 Colonies secede from England at the same time. There was a very practical aspect to this decision; had the slavery opponents decided otherwise, then half of the Colonies would have remained part of England, dooming the Revolution (presumably) by forcing the colonial troops to fight on more fronts.

So, its correct to say that the Constitution contains many compromises on slavery in order to get all 13 to join the Revolution. Does that make the Constitution *fundamentally* racist in nature? In my view, that’s an overstatement. There are certainly no shortage, as you point out, clauses which enabled slavery to continue in the Southern colonies. The anti-slavery Framers made a decision to allow it for unity’s sake.

In allowing slavery to exist, the Constitution did not live up to its claims of the promotion of general welfare, common defense, and liberty for all people.

Fair statement.

As president, he now has the power to implement the racist policies he preached of such as his precious 3 billion dollar wall.

Border security, including border barriers, is not inherently racist. The discrimination that’s expressed in our particular case is economic rather than racial.

His strategy would have never worked without the singular racist attitudes of his demographic.

Sorry, that’s not logical. A voting decision is a complicated one which is essentially multivariate in nature; that equation also includes opinions about the candidates’ opponent, and as we all know, Clinton was the second least popular presidential candidate of all time.

Were there racists that voted for Trump? Sure. But there were more who voted for him for economic reasons, and quite a few because they considered Clinton a nightmare. There are precisely no studies, and many have been taken on the subject of who voted for Trump, that show that racism was the predominant reason for his election.

OTOH, if you HAVE a scientific study which does in fact show racism to be the primary reason that Trump won, I’d love to see it, and will be glad to adjust my views on the matter accordingly.

I am of the firm belief that Donald Trump doesn’t actually believe the racist things he says.

I completely agree with you.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.