This is so painfully stupid that I’m not entirely sure how to respond.

In my experience, any attempted refutation that starts with an ad hominem personal attack usually turns out to be a painfully stupid response. So, you’re not starting out well, seeing you apparently need to rely on emotion rather than reason.

McCain has, relatively speaking, never been in a position of power.

The fact you used the term “relatively speaking” is a tacit admission that he does have some power. Apparently we’re debating about how much he actually has. I think that’s a reasonable subject for discussion.

If you’re concerned about neocons whispering in Trump’s ear, it’s Bolton (primarily) and his lackeys. Plus this was one of the strategies explicitly floated by Mattis.

Hm. So, your position is that a senior member of the US Senate who is universally regarded as the leading voice of the Congressional neocons, who is frequently asked to share his views on media outlets across the spectrum, and a former presidential candidate, is less influential than an unemployed former UN ambassador who left that position nearly a decade ago, and who rarely appears anywhere other than on Fox News.

Hm. Interesting theory. It seems sane to you? :-)

And, the fact that it was “floated by Mattis” is a bit of a digression. If you believe, as some do, that there’s a deep state column in the government devoted to the continuance of the view that world stability depends on the projection of American power, then it really doesn’t matter who floated the strategy by which the projection was accomplished, does it? (wink)

But what’s even sadder about your comment is that you seem blissfully unaware of how terrifying it is — if your argument were true, that Trump simply got swayed by war hawks — that he’s so easily manipulated and manipulable.

Smiles. Actually, the reason I raised it is because I do indeed find it terrifying. I would have thought that would have been obvious to you.

It renders his campaign rhetoric worthless. Sheer pandering. He said whatever he thought people wanted to hear. So much for this “alpha male” narrative.

That’s certainly one possibility. Another is that the use of an WMD made a statement that demanded a response on moral grounds, prior rhetoric nonwithstanding.

But you know what makes your comment even more absurd?

I can’t wait to hear.

Long before this airstrike, long before the gassing, Trump was pushing for a budget that drastically expanded military power and operations at the expense of necessary and useful domestic programs.

Not just Trump, but the neocons in general. They have yet to get over the sequester. To listen to McCain, the military now consists of a few dozen infantrymen who have no bullets with which to load their rifles, which are too broken down to shoot anyway. This POV apparently metastasized amongst the pro-Trump working class, ultimately turning into a campaign promise.

At any rate, the military is apparently going to be bolstered, and the money is going to come from domestic programs which Republicans do not view as either necessary nor useful, at least to the full extent at which they are currently funded. I happen to agree with the latter and disagree with the former. You apparently disagree with both.

He has never actually been a genuine populist — just an authoritarian.

Chuckles. If I were you, I’d take a look at the scorecard to date. Trump has spent most of his time in office to date actually doing just the opposite. Authoritarians do not relinquish power to the the private sector through deregulation. Authoritarians do not transfer power to the states and the people by shrinking the size of the federal government. Authoritarians do not promote judges who are beholden to the law, instead of being beholden to government authority. And oddly, this “authoritarian” claims to be an advocate of school choice, which is about as anti-authoritarian a position as one could take. Svetlana Voreskova might wish to comment on how important government control of the schools is to truly authoritarian regimes, based on her personal experience.

I suppose eventually, Trump will demonstrate this authoritarianism that everyone accuses him of. Eventually. But so far……not so much.

He has never actually cared about staying out of military conflict. His campaign rhetoric was precisely designed to sucker people (like you) who were desperate to cling on to some semblance of “America first” ideology after the wars of the past couple decades.

Ah, so many straw men, so little time. :-) I’ll just state here that I was a very reluctant and suspicious Trump voter, and still have quite a few reservations. So, instead of assuming (you know what they say about people who assume, I trust) how I decided to take the action I did….here’s a novel idea:


In conclusion: If you wanted to scream “I DISAGREE” at the top of your lungs, you could have just done that. Instead, you chose an emotional rant which you voiced a lot of unsubstantiated opinions whilst displaying a rather serious anger management problem.

You need to up your game.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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