Donald Trump isn’t seeking “controls on immigration”. He is seeking an end to immigration — for citizens of “shit hole”, i.e., predominantly brown, countries, and has even proposed deporting half a million tech workers while they wait on a renewal of their HB1 visa.

This is, of course, obviously false.

There is precisely no evidence that Trump wants an immigration policy that precludes members of a particular RACE. None. In order to get to that conclusion, you have to commit a logical fallacy — — that of assuming a comment made about a COUNTRY (e.g., “shithole”) was NOT referring to its infrastructure, NOT referring to its cultural mores, NOT referring to its government, but referring only to the RACE OF ITS CITIZENS.

Trump himself reasons better than that. And that’s not saying much.

Google just announced a free series of courses designed to create 1.5 million new tech workers because that is the magnitude of the shortage.

Yep. The solution is for the government to end the practice of loaning money for higher education for degrees which are not systemically important or in demand. Force students out of theatre arts (which is best learned as an appreticeship, anyway) and into something more useful.

Seriously now. Since Obama put the student loan mess squarely on the back of the taxpayers, I now have the right to ask this question:

Why am I loaning millions of dollars to students so they can major in theatre arts and then go to NYC and LA and wait tables?

But, instead, because we have a political party that is incapable of saying NO, we have droves of women’s studies majors clogging the pipes. And hogging the money that is best invested for systemically important careers.

its citizens.Even here in South Louisiana, not well known for hand-pick agriculture, farmers are lamenting the inability to find agricultural workers. I was recently informed that my source of heirloom tomatoes was going out of business because they are unable to find workers to pick them.

It’s hard to find a business today in Houston that DOESN’T have a help wanted sign out. That’s a good thing, because it drives wages up. But not if we lower the bar to uneducated immigrants. Then, the low end jobs have plenty of workers again, and wages stay low.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if by a stricter immigration policy and an end to illegal immigration, the average low-end wage rose to $15 an hour all by itself? How would anyone be opposed to THAT?

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.