What you see is that you think both sides are equally bad and corrupt.

This is not a particularly controversial point of view.

Since they all of them are crimes, well… GEE…,sheesh they’re both equal, correct?

No. Over the last 40 years, I’ve seen the “who is the worst” pendulum swing back and forth.

That’s the GOP rhetoric and specious logic in order to defend Trump’s infractions as exactly equal to any Democratic party members’ infraction.

Hmmmm……. that is an overly simplistic way of looking at things, in my view. “Infractions” (I find it interesting that you’ve switched to such a vague term, which could apply to things both actionable and not actionable) are common and not really all that interesting. What becomes concerning is when blatant exercises in partisan politics start to affect or put the citizenry at risk.

Defend the Leader, the Message, and the Myth at all costs which is one of the founding principles of Fascism.

I’m no fan of Trump, so let’s let that dog lie. What I AM a fan of is free elections and the Constitution.

Fascism is a set of beliefs and an organizing principle of thought and government.

If you look at things from a historical standpoint, you find that the definition of fascism is a bit vague. It tends to be more productive to talk about “authoritarianism”, since so many who talk about Trump’s supposed “authoritarianism” just seem to want to replace his with a different type of authoritarianism.

For example, one of the characteristics

I know since you believe there are not jack-booted, Brown Shirt thugs kicking in doors and dragging out the “undesirables,” that Trump’s rhetoric, political support and not denigrating fascism is not fascism. You. Are. Wrong.

No. I. Am. Not. :-)

Do you need to see those American citizens of this country designated as, “the other”, dragged out from their homes into the streets, camps, or executed for you to believe fascism has overtaken Democracy in the United States of America? If so, you are complicit.

Political commentators *always* claim the sky is falling, and if we don’t do something RIGHT NOW, we are all doomed. So yes, I need to see clear evidence that your bogeyman exists before I stand with you to oppose him/her/them, however it works out.

And if you think that makes me “complicit”, that’s fine. Your opinion of me is not a factor in my self image. :-)

You’re a damned liar!

Am not. :-) First I’ve heard of it. But regardless…..this sort of silliness is what upsets you? :-)

Yes they are, but most Crybaby Conservative Sound Bites are not true; they are meant to stir up racial fears and racial resentment against, “the other”, and spin conspiracy theories.

On the specific example of the accusation of fascism, which you now want to move the goalposts away from, the fact is we are not a fascist country, and as difficult to comprehend as this President is, no sane person can tie him to *any* consistent governance philosophy.

“Fascism” is an authoritarian form of government that centers its authoritarianism around “fear of the other”. On that we agree. However, we should *also* be able to agree with the obvious — — that “fear of the other” is not new to the Trump Administration.

FURTHER, although you may perceive an increase of “fear of the other” under the Trump Administration (although statistical polling does not clearly back that view up — it may be that the number of racists and xenophobes has not increased, they have just become more vocal), it may not in fact be true. This is a big country, after all, and although an increase of 2,000 KKK members probably doubles their membership, that’s still a fracking rounding error in a nation of 325M people.

FURTHER, fascism, as an authoritarian form of government, demands control over everything it touches, and controls economic production through heavy regulation and the bully pulpit. Hitler may not have nationalized certain industries, but if the industrialist wanted to stay healthy, he produced what Hitler wanted when Hitler wanted it.

Unfortunately for your definitions, Trump runs the economy in just the opposite fashion. Oh, yes, he tweets approval or disapproval of this or that from time to time, but there are no *teeth* there, so he is summarily ignored. And, contrary to the core precepts of fascism, he has DEregulated business rather that regulating it.

Which does not bode well for your cozy definition.

As a non-white Muslim woman, perhaps you do not really understand the history of the United States except for the fact that most non-black people curry favor for honorary Whiteness by standing on the faces of Black people.

As a non-white Muslim woman who was born in America, I understand the difference between history and slander. I suggest you stick to history and avoid the slander.

Beware. Whiteness and its fake rules change. The Founders did not consider the Swedes to be White in America. People from Finland were not considered to be White in America until 1903. The Irish, Italians, Jews, etc. were not considered to be White in America when they arrived on our shores.

I am well aware. My grandfather went to the mat at his club back in the 50’s to sponsor a friend, who was the first *Italian* to be permitted to join that club. Growing up, my home backed up to a golf club which was ….. the Jewish golf club, because of course they were not admitted to other private golf clubs.

I wrote: They revel in the one of the main principles of fascism which is the demonization of “the other.”

“I think of this every time Sanders or Warren demonizes the rich. Do you?”No, I do not. “The Other” is always defined by things that they can NEVER, EVER, change.

What a lovely, convenient (and totally irrelevant) rationalization. :-)

Well, at any rate, that’s your decision to make — — it’s a free country, after all. However, be advised that many millions of voters think that your rationalization is trivial and bunk. After all, the reason why this sort of demonization is bad is because, why? Because it could lead to violence?

And you don’t think that violence against a group is bad….as long as that group can change?

That’s weird.

I wrote: Must protect the Myth of White Innocence at all costs. We all know full well the connotation of that phrase which is why hate groups have latched onto this president so doggedly.

“Hmmmmm…..”Myth of White Innocence”. Yea, no demonization there. :-)

No, no demonization here. Just the facts of what people of color have suffered world-wide while White people have kept telling them they got it ALL wrong.

Ah. So this is, what? OK, because it’s …. affirmative action demonization? :-) Would that be a good term to use?

It occurs to me that demonizers always have a good reason to demonize who they want. So, if white people are demonized….it’s because they deserve it?

Funny, that. Or perhaps ‘sad’ would be a better term to describe what you’ve come to. You object to demonization when it suits you, and embrace it when it suits you, and rather than objecting to ALL demonization as an antithesis to a common society.

No. It’s rather interesting how YOU miss the point. Manufacturing jobs are NOT leaving the nation. They have left the nation a long time ago.

Semantic distinction. We agree.

His “resolving to try” was an outright lie!

I disagree. Its been long noted that that are certain types of manufacturing jobs that COULD return if the trade agreements were improved. And that has indeed happened in some areas. Not BROADLY (and we agree that’s not about to happen) but we don’t have to continue to financially support outsourcing, either, and that will slow, if not end, the decline.

Source: Marketwarch

Even his OWN merchandise is made in China. GOP Corporate people have been off-shoring those jobs for nearly two decades, since Reagan.

Nope. Offshoring started in earnest in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Average real hourly wage in the US peaked in 1974.

Slavery, (written into The Constitution as the “Three-Fifths Clause and the Electoral College), Jim Crow, Lynching, Redlining, etc. was instituted in this country without any racists. How did THAT happen? Gee, must have been magic and those words in those Founder’s documents were never there to be read.

Do you really think that anyone here is arguing that racism doesn’t exist?

Hmm. Perhaps. I cannot imagine WHY anyone would want to extract justice from anyone who wronged them. My bad.

Nobody disagrees with that, as long as the “extraction of justice” is from the perpetrators of the injustice, and not entire classes of people.

What “your bad” is that you seem to support the “extraction of justice” from entire classes of people, not perpetrators.

My question to you was: “Do you actually know any African-Americans that you see, work with, eat with, or hang out with on a daily basis?”

That is either a yes or a no answer. I will accept your assertion as a big, fat NO!

You can accept it any way you like, but in that a part of me is African American, it would be rather stupid.

But the larger point is that you want to reject statistics when they don’t suit your bias. This is not an educated point of view.

You live in a glass house. Stop throwing stones.”

NOBODY on the so-called Left has put any programs…..

There go the goalposts again. :-) So, it’s horrible when Trump uses incendiary rhetoric, but it’s OK when a Dem politician uses it? :-)

( A new one for me, but thank you for confirming your non-white Muslim status was a lie.

So, when did you stop beating your spouse? :-)

But, more importantly, thank you for confirming that you are not very well read. The “bitter clingers” comment was well reported.

At any rate, you just called me a liar, so we’re done. You’re just a garden variety simpleton, and not worth my time.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.