The Special Counsel cannot make any mistakes. Robert Mueller does not leak because leaking would be a mistake. The same goes for telegraphing where his investigation is going, or prematurely naming the President a target, or moving too fast. All of these actions would help give the President the slimmest of pretexts, the only pretext he needs, to fire the Special Counsel.

This is a very odd paragraph. Every other day, we are treated to a story in the Times or Post or some other outlet not considered friendly to the President that tells us “where the investigation is focusing now”, or “who is now under investigation”. Or something like that.

If that information isn’t coming from leaks, then the outlets are lying. Not that that would surprise anyone, nowaways; but if the media wants to brush off the POTUS’ constant accusations of “fake news”, wouldn’t it be in their best interests to stop publishing it?

There’s also issues about conflicts of interest regarding the litigators Mueller has brought onto his team, bringing questionable indictments with no other goal that hoping the target “flips” (which assumes guilt without evidence of guilt, it should be said) and other matters.

From where I’m sitting, Mueller bumbling is becoming the POTUS’ best asset. Why fire somebody who, if any charges are eventually brought, a cogent case of legal malfeasance can be made?

The second odd part is the comment about “mistakes”. From where I’m sitting, the investigation is covered with them. Many of the litigators Mueller has brought into his operation have ties to the Clintons and prior Administration; that could very well lead to court challenges regarding conflicts of interest. It’s also becoming clear, in the Manafort case for one example, that Mueller is bringing forward charges for no other reason other than to pressure those involved to “flip”, which is a tactic which judges frown upon, to be generous.

Dozens of politicians have vouched for Mueller, and millions of Americans know his name. Numerous liberal organizations have promised to rise up if Mueller is fired.

Irrelevant,, to say the least. The only way you successfully impeach a POTUS is to get his own base to flip on him. Clapper and Brennan, who are reasonably clever psy-operatives, know this, which is why they have been parrotting the “Mueller is above reproach” line since the get-go, and who are shocked — — SHOCKED, I tell you — every time his veracity is questioned. As in….

Point here is that Trump’s base considers Mueller politically compromised, OR (at least) there’s a rather marked example of selective prosecution (read: double standards) afoot. So, Mueller needs to (figuratively speaking) find Trump holding a smoking gun over the body in order to flip on him. Weak allegations of “collusion” or “obstruction of justice” aren’t going to cut it.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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