“They’re going for a united front against the nightmare that is TRUMP.”

I have to say that this idea — that Trump is some sort of “nightmare” which is existentially different than any other Republican — is starting to wear a little thin. Especially when it’s used to justify undemocratic and authoritarian tactics in the primaries.

Fact is that Trump’s POLICIES are really not any different from your garden variety Republican — and in fact, some of them are more centrist than you would have gotten from a Ted Cruz. Consider this:

  1. Trump’s personal tax package dropped rates to the Bush-era 35% on the upper income class (from 39.6% — big whoop) BUT also did away with the rich people’s favorite loopholes: SALT and the means test on the mortgage deduction. (I must say, it’s been entertaining to watch the blue-state governors rising up to defend tax breaks for their richest citizens.) So the rich get a break on the marginal rate, but doesn’t come close to getting them back to the Bush-era rates because of the loss of SALT and the mortgage means-test. (BTW, that 4.6% difference between the Trump and Obama rates does not make one party “liberal” and the other “conservative”; its the same damn package with minor rate tweaks).
  2. The corporate tax package was roughly the same as Obama was pushing and the Democrats were signaling they would pass at the end of 2016. Again, the rate is a bit different — 21% rather than 28% — but the restructuring of the corporate tax code was pretty similar.
  3. Trump’s deregulated where he can, but all Republicans deregulate. Big whoop. Next time the Dems win the White House, they’ll RE regulate. It’s been going on that way for…..well, longer than either of us have been alive, and will most likely continue after we’ve gone to our graves.
  4. Trump has appointed Republicans to the government, and he’s appointed conservatives to the Bench. Again, no different than any other Republican.
  5. His views on trade agreements and tariffs are no different than we’ve seen suggested from pro-business Democrats over the last decade; the Senate Majority Leader was/is a strong proponent of being tough on China, and some of these Rust Belt Democrat legislators have been saying for a long time that NAFTA, the proposed TPP (which Mrs. Clinton flipped on, agreeing with Trump; Mr. Sanders was already in agreement with him) and other trade agreements were too pro-corporation and not sufficiently pro-worker. Plenty of examples exist to show that he’s a bit more centrist in those ways than a Cruz would have been.
  6. He’s taken a more centrist track in Syria than either Clinton or a Republican would, keeping us out of another unwinnable entanglement.
  7. Finally, it’s hard to imagine Clinton or Cruz making more progress with North Korea than he seems to be making.

I have to conclude that the thing that makes him a “nightmare” to some is not his policies, but his running of his mouth (and his fingers) and his unpredictable management style. With that view I have no objection, but words are not deeds. I recall how Mr. Reagan was castigated for calling the Russians evil, and how all of the opposition believed that he was going to get us all nuked. Never happened.

So, you’ll have to forgive me, but I’m coming around to the opinion that the agitation on the left these days is such that ANY Republican president would be viewed as a “nightmare”.

And if every one of your political opponents is a “nightmare”, then none of them are nightmares. It’s all hyperbole from drama queens, at that point.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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