They will most likely repeal the ACA, again, since they have voted to do that dozens of times and the Senate had been stopping it

Yes, but even some Democrats are starting to realize that this mess is too screwed up to fix. Democrats should take credit for making health care coverage an expectation for everyone, and work with the GOP in putting together something that works.

They will do everything they can to make abortion illegal again

This isn’t on Trump’s list of priorities. I highly doubt you see McConnell take up anything more drastic than a 20 week limit. It’s hard to object to the 20 week limit; its kind of an international standard (most Eurozone nations are even more restrictive).

They will never stop making it more difficult to vote

Again, this isn’t on Trump’s list of priorities. When the data shows that people are actually being prevented from voting by any of the ID laws, I’ll worry about this one. Right now, there is precisely zero data that shows this, and even the SCOTUS has ruled that a Voter ID (again, which is an international standard) is not an undue burden. And those were the liberal justices that said that.

They will be cutting social benefits

Maybe. The margins at which benefits start and stop are always a legitimate political debate. But once again, this is on Trump’s plate. Keep mind, though, that a proposal to change the food stamps cutoff from 56,000 of income per year to 52,000 (which was part of Ryan’s proposal, I think) isn’t earthshattering.

They will generally be trying to roll back any rights or protections for people they don’t like

I have no doubt there will be a few social con firebrands who will run their mouths and try to float some legislation on this or that. In general, you and I will probably agree on what’s stupid and what’s not. Can’t help that; each party has their nutty backbenchers. If leadership keeps their eye on the economic ball (neither Ryan nor McConnell are social cons) this won’t be an issue. I am optimistic.

Granted the Muslim registry would be real difficult to get past even a minority in the Senate, and the wall will likely be too expensive

Don Jr. has already commented to a Muslim who asked him about this, saying “You don’t really think there’s going to be a Muslim registry, do you?” He was kind of amused by the idea that somebody took that seriously. :-)

So I’d say that’s dead, and it would be unconstitutional anyway.

And yea……we’ll end up with a nice chain link fence, I think :-). Any more would be expensive as hell.

Then again, it would be really good for jobs, and most of the border region could really use them.

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