There is so much here to respond to:

What did this mean for the borderland, my home? What would become of my Mexican American family and friends, some of whom are DREAMers?

So far, nothing. Both sides want to extend protections for the DREAMers, this time with the force of law rather than just telling ICE to stand down on them. The only question on the table today is what bill will advance.

What did this mean for the LGBT community?

Pretty much nothing for the LGB portion, which is what Trump said during the campaign. The “T” portion has had issues with the military issue and public school guidance.

For Planned Parenthood?

No impact.

For Obamacare?

No impact. Because nothing that’s been floated (yet) has been an improvement. Make no mistake about it, this is a shitty plan that NEEDS to be improved, everyone agrees. But inferior plans are not gaining traction.

For war efforts?

Nobody can say what Mrs. Clinton would have done, but we’re likely less engaged internationally than we would be under her leadership. She was always more likely to take a more militant line in Syria. North Korea was going to come to a head no matter who was president.

I grew physically sick thinking about all of this. My piss was an off colored orange, despite staying hydrated. I developed a nasty headache, and my heart only kept racing. Sleep didn’t come easily that night.

You take politics too seriously. The US is a like a big fracking oil tanker, and it has so much forward inertia when it’s moving that it takes a lot more than one bad president to stop it. Presidents can only do so much damage (or good), and even when the White House and Congress are aligned, there are still competing constituencies which fight for policies in place. As we have seen.

I knew all too well that Putin was licking his chops on the other side of the world.

Actually, you don’t know that at all. Assuming Putin is the imperalist that many believe him to be (questionable, that) then he doesn’t benefit from a US which is strongly aligned behind ANY president; he benefits when there’s political chaos in the US. And only we can contribute to that chaos. If Russia has benefited from Trump’s election (again, questionable), it’s pretty much our own fault for having a #Resistance on one side and #NeverTrump on the other.

On the one year anniversary of Trumps election, I’ve been thinking to myself lately: “Over 325 million people in this great nation and we ended up with that guy.” The armchair lawyers and pollsters always halfheartedly responded, “That’s the beauty of our democracy.”

Well, here’s one that’s worth thinking about: Considering how immaturely everyone has behaved post election, maybe we got the president we deserve; a president who in fact reflects the current “american way of thinking” better than we want to admit.

It’s never easy to admit your own shortcomings. As humans, we have an almost reflexive need to think that WE are “good” or “have it together”, and it’s “those other people” who are fucked up. Maybe, just maybe, we’re ALL fucked up; and that’s the reason we ended up with a fucked up President.


Two democratic candidates won their gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey (Ralph Northam and Phil Murphy, respectively). Luckily for liberals, the good news only started there. Dems flipped the control of Washington state Senate, and they are making a play for the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Let’s recap that:

  1. Virginia, which has become more blue by the year as the suburbs, who are populated by Washington DC bureaucrats, grow at the expense of the more traditional population, replaced a Dem governor with a Dem governor. What I find surprising about THAT is that people are surprised about it. It was kind of a gimme.
  2. A liberal state, New Jersey, elected a Democrat governor. Another gimme. The surprise THERE is that Christie was ever elected in the first place.
  3. A liberal state, Washington, flipped their Senate back to liberal. See comment on #2.

So, basically, what happened on election night is what should have happened on election night. No surprises.

The big question is this: How are we doing after a year? It’s all perspective, a matter of POV — right? If you’re a Trump supporter, you might not be well informed enough to see what’s really going on here.

Odd comment, that. Pew consistently finds that Republicans are more informed than Democrats these days. I suppose if you were better informed, you’d know that.

If you’re a democrat, things are looking up. Two of Trump’s campaign officials (so far) have anklets locked to their legs and are under house arrest, so that’s a start.

Well, actually one was a campaign official, and the reason he has an anklet locked to his leg was for things he did years before the campaign, which make your comment sound immaturely vindictive. If Manafort broke the law, then everyone on both sides of the political spectrum want him to be properly punished.

Complacency and humor aside, democrats have reason to believe the 2018 midterms will serve them well. Republicans are shaking in their boots.

Shaking in their boots? :-)

That’s not a comment serious commentators make.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.