Interesting take. I disagree wholeheartedly though. We’ll see if Feinstein actually leaked the letter — she says “no” but now there will supposedly be an investigation.

There are four possibilities, the first three acting against the will of Dr. Ford:

  1. Anna Eschoo or her staff.
  2. DiFi or her staff
  3. Ford’s lawyers
  4. Dr. Ford herself (who then lied about herself leaking it, which pretty much negates her allegations)

The GOP is all about getting on investigating that sort of thing but allegations of sexual assault, not so much.

Odd comment. From the 1st day the Ford allegations were brought to Grassley, the GOP position was “she needs to be heard”. They all supported her being heard. Grassley stated that Dr. Ford could choose the time and place that she was most comfortable in doing so. She was encouraged by the GOP to make her case.

Those are all facts, and as such, are beyond disputation.

I see no plausible way that the GOP withdraws Kavanaugh in exchange for another candidate because you’re right about it being about power.

The GOP has no reason to love Kavanaugh, other than the fact that he is the President’s nominee. The GOP base wants a Trump list nominee to be confirmed; that’s not personal in a way that benefits Kavanaugh.

The longer this goes on, however, the more the base welds itself not to the nominee, but the person. The GOP base views what’s gone on here as highly unfair.

Aggrieved white men in power don’t give up their power easily.

Nobody gives up power easily. If you think this is a trait of only “white men”, I suggest you expand your horizons.

Look at how angry Kavanaugh and Graham were. (BTW anger is ok if you’re a white male; if you’re a woman, it’s unbecoming).

Utter BS. I am a woman, and the idea that anger is OK for one but not the other is utter bullshit, and exhibits a remarkable ignorance of reality. I get pissed all the time, and I rail at my mangement as much as any male; and my status exceeds theirs, in most caes.

To bring up Ginsburg in ’87 is frankly absurd.

Not in the least. You’re making the case for the GOP covering up discretion whilst the Dems accept theirs. Clinton and Kennedy along put that case to shame. I raised Ginsburg to let you off easy. You really want to talk about the rapist president and the manslaughter senator in this context?

For goodness sake, 63 million people voted for a corrupt, self-aggrandizing sociopath who bragged about grabbing women by the genitals without their consent.

The 63 million people who voted for him disagree that he is corrupt, self-aggrandizing, or sociopathic. And yes, they overlooked his “grabbing” issue because of the Clinton standard which the Democrats excused.

People were ok with this — cause hey, that’s just “locker room talk”, right?

Wrong, Nobody ever said it was “OK”. What was said, by the vote, was that it was not disqualifying, particularly when the Democrat nominee was universally reviled. (It’s very possible that you don’t understand how disgusted the right was with Clinton. Read up.)

So do you honestly believe that Republicans would do the “right thing” and pull Kavanaugh? No.


Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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